29 June 2009

Just spend RM5 only !!

Since the H1N1 is getting worse in Malaysia, especially P.Jaya area , people...please take care of your health. Drink a lot of water to avoid yourself getting sick in this hot weather. As we all know, the H1N1 is a contagious disease. We can easily get infected and we cannot eventually sense which person has this disease...

I , who try to be more careful practised the idea of putting a hand sanitizer in my handbag wherever I go. I put on sanitizer after I came in contact with people or touched things outside like shopping malls. I also use the sanitizer before I eat ( if i could not find a place to wash my hand ).
This is what I own in my bag !!
Having this sanitizer seems like a burden to me at first because this means I have to take an additional thing ' bottle' in my bag -loh...My bag already full of stuff liao..As time passed, having this sanitizer grew in me. Not having it around is like forgetting your car keys or your purse.
New Product by Braun ..Claimed to be used by surgeons as well !!

For your info , the hand sanitizer is/can :-
1. Kills 99.9% of germs without water
2. Easy to use.Just squeeze some and rub hands together until dry.
3. Rinse free and non sticky
4. Nurses and doctors in hospitals use hand sanitizers as well
5. During the SARS outbreak, hand sanitizers are massively used in highly infected areas such
as Hong Kong and etc.
6. Can be found in many brands in pharmacies. ( such as Guardian, Watson, AEON Health,
Caring etc...)

Aiya, hand sanitizer is not poisonous lah. It is basically made from alcohol. Somemore, it is not expensive...A small bottle of 50ml Dettol Hand sanitizer costs around RM 5.++. I am using it since I have to go through a shopping mall to get to my office. Somemore, IBM does provide its staff hand sanitizers in the washrooms and pantry.
What I Have in my office ...
This is not a difficult thing to do right ? RM 5 does not cost you much . Watch less one movie or have a cheaper meal. Use the savings to buy a BOTTLE of sanitizer for your health.
Reminder :
You don't need to wash your hand after you use the sanitizer !!
I saw some people wash their hands after using the sanitizer . This proves that they do not read the instructions from the bottle CAREFULLY !!

26 June 2009

Tunnel in my office ...

I was happily taking the lift to my office when my colleague told me that "Our office door is blocked !! We have to use another entrance !!" Luckily we have another entrance to get into the office but we have to take one big round ( passing by all the Japan, Korea,China and etc. financial team) just to get to our own workstation.

You see, the company want to fix the floor and also carpet so it is nicer to walk on. However, during this time, it has
The blue tunnels blocked the DOOR! Can't even see the door already ...
However, during this period many people cannot get the access to the most important places of the company ...the PANTRY & of course the Washroom !! U have no idea how much far it is. I tried to use this way once and i got fed up with it. I did not mind taking the longer way...BUT I have to GO THROUGH other departments just to get to the pantry. I give you an example. You want to go to one place..but you have to go in from the front and out from the back of someone's house just to get there...very 'Nasi' like that...Luckily, we have access to the other washroom of the same level which is not that far away...
The facilities that were blocked include :
- Meeting rooms
- Washroom
- Equipment room (meaning fax & photostat room)
- Main Entrance
- Pantry
For the past week, these blue things were there. I could not hear a sound or see anyone doing anything about it. I guess they work only at night !!

The corridor to the loo was blocked !!

I tell you, these blue things were sealed tightly . No IBM staff can have access into it. Only God knows what was happening inside until one fine day, one of these workers created an opening at one end of these blue tunnels...I could see IBMers started exploring these tunnels to reach another place - the meeting rooms.
Of course I took some snapshots lah...cuz it did look funny to me ..Have u experienced such thing before in the first place ? No mah...I mah took some pictures to remember such odd incident loh..
The opening which...
leads people to the meeting rooms ONLY !
Looked like secret tunnels ...

A Week Later....

they are finally taking it off & I can see the office door dy !!
What is left after they took away the tunnels ?

CATWALK Platforms ...!!
People, you can do your catwalk or dogwalk or any walk here ...they are made for you !!
Ladies , u will feel like you are in Vincci , your beloved shoe heaven....you can hear footsteps allll the time ..Cheers!!

22 June 2009

Did anyone miss me ?

Did anyone miss Jojobing/ Panda Eyed Gal ?

I know it has been quite a while for me since I last posted anything in my own blog. I have tonnes of things to do. My schedule is and was packed all the time...I wonder why..

Even my workload suddenly increased . I should not say it increased but the work required a lot of time...I suddenly feel like I have no time . Y ? I also dunno.

- No time to BLOG ...
- No time to load clips in You Tube
- No time to carry out my homework
- No time to iron my clothes
- No time to go back hometown (sobss...)
- No time & not enuf money to go shopping
- Not enough time to have a good night's sleep...

Maybe tonight I may have a tiny bit of extra time to do my own stuff...I hope so lah..
Cross my fingers hard hard ...

17 June 2009

Want to be dragged to hell ?

My sis and Ah Ai dragged me to hell last night !!

It was a horrible experience for me although I knew that everything was fake. Well, what do you expect man !! The movie title ' DRAG ME TO HELL' sounds scary enough already.

Movie Poster
The story was about a young lady who was cursed by an old Gypsy lady for not granting an extention to her house mortgage and also humiliating her in public ...then all these weird and scary incidents occured where in 3 days time, the girl will be DRAGGED TO HELL ...!!

What I can say about this movie :
Scary ! Scary & Scary !
Everynow and then , the old lady with horrible looking face jumped out of nowhere which scared the hell out of me..The sound system was the main culprit lah or should I blame the director or producer or maybe the whole crew-lah. The environment was quiet one, then suddenly you get shocked by a sudden BOOM !!

What if u see her in your dreams ? Will u wet your pants ?

What did I do to overcome my fears ?
1. I kept on munching on popcorns
2. I plugged in headphones to my handphone and blasted my ear drums with loud music.
(Actually, I shared the earphones with my sis. Both of us took one side of the
earphone SO I have seal the other ear with my hand)

I was totally distracted from the movie ...Kyahahahaha !!

I did not hear her scream ...!!

You must be thinking ' Y go through all the trouble to watch this movie ? Better don't watch at all !!' Well, I know I get scared but I still want to watch ma...can or not ?

Lesson to be learnt : DON'T MESS WITH GYPSIES or THEY'LL CURSE & HAUNT U HABIS-HABIS ....just like this ....

15 June 2009


I was suddenly jolted by the ear piercing sound of the emergency bell around 10 am. Everyone in the office started looking at each other until we heard an announcement made by an operator that everyone has to leave our workstations and head towards the emergency exit, the stairs !

A guard was standing by the door, directing the people which way they should head to. Ainnul & I quickly took our bag and left our places to join the rest of the team by the stairs. I glanced to the seniors’ area and saw some of them grinning, smiling and taking their own sweet time…Then, I knew that it may be a drill. A Fire Drill …

Everyone, walked down the stairs all the way from Level 15 …joining the people from other levels. I pity those who wore HIGH HEELS that day as some of them has to walk down the stairs all the way from LEVEL19!!

We walked, walked, talked , and walked…seems like it was taking me years to get to see daylight …

Around 15-20 minutes later, we have finally reached Concourse of IBM & KPMG Plaza. It was hectic. I could see people flooding the concourse level as well as the road outside the building. There were people EVERYWHERE..!!

People mountain People Sea !!

As I walked further out of the building, I could see a Fire Engine and Ambulance parked at the front. A few firemen were busy preparing their equipments and hose while rushing into the building.

“IS THIS FOR REAL?” I asked Ainnul who could not answer my question too.

The Fire Engine parked in front of the building
Some security guards were directing us to somewhere far away to mark attendance. The situation was hectic but we could see people chatting and laughing all the way. I turned to have a look at IBM Plaza to find that there was no smoke coming out from the building…It is confirmed a FIRE DRILL !!

Countless heads covered the whole road into One World Hotel !!

We gathered at our own section (Level 15) as directed by other security guards. Ainnul & I were busy taking pictures of the event just to show how many people were there in that building.

People from Level 15 have to gather here

Some of my colleagues were happily smiling in front of the camera….It was a bit too hot for me to smile any longer. My whole body was sweating…the sun was torturing me badly . My freckles are gonna pop out soon…sobs !!

Out of nowhere, a senior of my dept. who is in charge during an emergency appeared and took our attendance. Then, she mentioned "DISMISS…BALIK BALIK !!"

Senior taking down attendance !!

FINALLY…I can get back to the office to enjoy the cool air…BUT I forgot one thing…
I have to queue to get into the lift ..People mountain, people sea again..

Some people even have time to read while waiting for the lift
Some of them went over to One Utama for an early lunch but I prefer to stick to the same lunch hour.

I do not know why this guy is carrying a TRANSPARENT UMBRELLA happily !!

Does he even know that it won't work under the hot sun ?

Summary : The day was hot and I was sweating profusely during the drill…Luckily my heels were not high at all, so I did not have any problem walking down the stairs. Anyway, it was quite a fun experience since I get to create more bondage with colleagues.

12 June 2009

Happy Birthday to you !!

Dear Mommi & Micky,
Happy Belated Birthday to you guys !! Both of you have the same birth date ...except different years..kekeke!! I am not a forgetful gal , people. I did remember and I wished them on that day itself already.

Ah Ma, u wan to know who Micky is aaa ? Aiya , difficult to see him-loh cuz he is busy all the time !! I have seen him once only since last November 2007...( grinning widely now ).
If u want to know who he is, I still have some pictures of him.

Micky Park Yoo Chun ( from TVXQ @ DBSK )
-charming, talented & adorable-

Together with Sis Marina, Bro Singh, Aunt JJ, Papa & Ade, we celebrated your birthday full with tradition which were singing the Birthday song, candle blowing, picture taking & cake cutting ceremony. This cake was bought from out favourite bakery in K.Kemuning, named as "Bread Basket Bakery".

Chocolate Cake - Looked very tempting

Picture taking -loh...

Cake very 'laku'

The cake box...just to let people know the shop name lah

The cake was not too sweet and it is chocolaty..yummy !! It has some almonds and hazel nuts in between the cream...Tongue Licking Good !!

*Micky, May you have a wonderful and healthy year ahead of you !! Best of luck and u still have my support..Go DONG BANG !!

10 June 2009

A New Life in Mine

I have a new companion with me. This companion is alive and it cannot talk or hear. It does move BUT it moves EXTREMELY slow. I tell you, if you ever wait for it to move aaa,u slowly waitlah...

It is so slow to the extent that u go to the loo to do big business, then go down to drink a cup of coffee and eat a pau and back to the office, this thing still has not move an inch.

A colleague gave it to me and she said that this life is really easy to manage wooo..so I took it ler since I dun have a companion while I work ...

I know-lah...I will show it now loh...Thought I want to give some suspense -mah...ish !!

Im telling you the truth :-
1. It moves towards light source...BUT it is very very very slow
2. It does not talk nor hear..BUT some people do claim that they can still listen
3. It is really easy to manage CUZ i just need to feed it with water in a plastic container.
4. By the way, it helps by absorbing CO2 and release O2 ma...

08 June 2009

Meaning of my own name

Recently, I came across a website ( www.babynames.com )which I have gone to a long long time ago. This website hoh, is actually a place for mothers and fathers -to-be to look out for a suitable Christian / English name for their child.

Hey Hey...IM NOT GOING TO BE A MOTHER YET !! Wait and finish reading first...!!

Each name you find in this website has its own historical meaning and origin. I, out of curiosity typed my own name to test out.

I don't even understand what my name means.

Does it mean that the number of God will increase ? Or the power of God will increase?

As usual, people will try out other people's name-lah..just to see what are the meaning of their names...

The pleasant ones

Weird & Funny Ones

Go try out and see what is the meaning of your name. Remember, choose your future son & daughter's name wisely ....hahaha !!

03 June 2009

Barbie's Bufday wooorrr...

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, I suppose you know who Barbie is ? Well, she just celebrated her birthday in May 2009 at The Curve.

Pink Birthday Celebration...

To tell the truth, I dunno how old she is. She has been an old friend of mine, my sis and some cousins since we were toddlers. She never gets old one..like Forever young like that..I suspected she had Botox and noone knows.

Celebrating birthday is about treating people makan makan and sing birthday song and then games BUT Barbie sold her own merchandise one wor. I could see that there are new tranformations of her brand as I grew older. Barbie has additional friends...
Not only that, she even started a kiddies' clothes line of her own. Then started selling stationeries, plates , cups aaa,bags aaa, bicycle aaa and etc. Maybe her business was less than before so she came out with all sorts of product to capture more sales.

I took a look at the display cases which Barbie showed off during her birthday bash and I found some difference between these latest dolls compared to the ones I used to play with.
Some were pretty and some were not pretty. They do not look as nice as the ones which I still have back at home....
The Pretty Gang (based on my opinion)

The Character in Stardust

Looks like a wedding gown to me

The Indian Barbie

The Chinese Empress
French Gal
The Less Appetite Luring Gang
I thought Barbies are supposed to be fair..they are tanned here !!
Did any rats bite her hair ? & What was with the colour ?
Someone exploded her hair !!
An Air Hostess wanna-be ..look at her eyes! She did not smile at all
Well, tat is all for now folks !! Too many to show...
Barbie, no hard feelings ..Im just expressing my own opinion.