15 June 2009


I was suddenly jolted by the ear piercing sound of the emergency bell around 10 am. Everyone in the office started looking at each other until we heard an announcement made by an operator that everyone has to leave our workstations and head towards the emergency exit, the stairs !

A guard was standing by the door, directing the people which way they should head to. Ainnul & I quickly took our bag and left our places to join the rest of the team by the stairs. I glanced to the seniors’ area and saw some of them grinning, smiling and taking their own sweet time…Then, I knew that it may be a drill. A Fire Drill …

Everyone, walked down the stairs all the way from Level 15 …joining the people from other levels. I pity those who wore HIGH HEELS that day as some of them has to walk down the stairs all the way from LEVEL19!!

We walked, walked, talked , and walked…seems like it was taking me years to get to see daylight …

Around 15-20 minutes later, we have finally reached Concourse of IBM & KPMG Plaza. It was hectic. I could see people flooding the concourse level as well as the road outside the building. There were people EVERYWHERE..!!

People mountain People Sea !!

As I walked further out of the building, I could see a Fire Engine and Ambulance parked at the front. A few firemen were busy preparing their equipments and hose while rushing into the building.

“IS THIS FOR REAL?” I asked Ainnul who could not answer my question too.

The Fire Engine parked in front of the building
Some security guards were directing us to somewhere far away to mark attendance. The situation was hectic but we could see people chatting and laughing all the way. I turned to have a look at IBM Plaza to find that there was no smoke coming out from the building…It is confirmed a FIRE DRILL !!

Countless heads covered the whole road into One World Hotel !!

We gathered at our own section (Level 15) as directed by other security guards. Ainnul & I were busy taking pictures of the event just to show how many people were there in that building.

People from Level 15 have to gather here

Some of my colleagues were happily smiling in front of the camera….It was a bit too hot for me to smile any longer. My whole body was sweating…the sun was torturing me badly . My freckles are gonna pop out soon…sobs !!

Out of nowhere, a senior of my dept. who is in charge during an emergency appeared and took our attendance. Then, she mentioned "DISMISS…BALIK BALIK !!"

Senior taking down attendance !!

FINALLY…I can get back to the office to enjoy the cool air…BUT I forgot one thing…
I have to queue to get into the lift ..People mountain, people sea again..

Some people even have time to read while waiting for the lift
Some of them went over to One Utama for an early lunch but I prefer to stick to the same lunch hour.

I do not know why this guy is carrying a TRANSPARENT UMBRELLA happily !!

Does he even know that it won't work under the hot sun ?

Summary : The day was hot and I was sweating profusely during the drill…Luckily my heels were not high at all, so I did not have any problem walking down the stairs. Anyway, it was quite a fun experience since I get to create more bondage with colleagues.

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