31 August 2011

Cute Stone Statue

During my HK trip, I saw this cute little monk statue by the shoe cabinet which is cute !! 
It is in a pose of asking you to be quiet ....while he has another candle on the other hand !! 


HK/Mac Trip 2011 - Unforgettable HK Food

Woo Hoo... There are a lot of street food stalls in main areas of Hong Kong...and the food are yummy !! 

There are a variety to choose from such as, Curry Fishballs, Siew Mais, steamed sotongs, fried intestines,meat balls, etc etc...

A Streetside Stall...this one nearby Fa Yuen Street

Fried Intestines !!

"Little Egg" - Gai Dan Zhai
My bestie loved it so much she bought 4 in a day ?? 

Other than that, food served in those typical style coffee shop or known as "Cha Chan Sat" is delicious as well...

Nission noodle with cubed pork, chicken wings and egg...
I loved it since Im a noodle freak!!

Bread with butter and condensed milk..
Good for bfast or tea-time...
Anyway, we tried this out during tea time

Pork Chop Bun - this one was found in HK and the meat is quite tender

Food in HK is unforgettable...even the smallest coffee shop can come out with food that is considered YUMMY-Licious!!

29 August 2011

HK/Mac Trip 2011 - Guangdong BBQ Restaurant

Haha... Finally, I updated my blog...As you can see from the title above, I went to Hong Kong and Macau in August 2011. It was summer and the weather was OH SO HOT !! Can't stop sweating almost the whole day except sleeping time - cuz the room in my aunt's house is air-conditioned ma...keke

Hong Kong is well-known for its variety of YUMMYLICIOUS Chinese food. One of them includes Roast Goose ...MMMMM...Nice ! 

The place where we went to is called Guangdong BBQ Restaurant, located in Tsim Tsa Tsui. This place was recommended by my aunt , who explained that the food served is equally nice as the other pricier restaurants..

This place was a normal shop lot with limited space...You can see it in the pic shown below.
Rather narrow space....

This one is called as "4 Treasure Rice" or Sei Bou Fan..consisting of Roast Pork, Roast Duck, Sausages and also one salted egg with lots of rice...

This one is Roasted Goose Rice...served with plum sauce ...Priced at HKD 35.00

a closer view...

Truthfully, the goose was nice ...but rather fattening as it has a layer of fat under the skin...
It took me some time to remove the fat before I can actually savor it ..hehehe

All in all, this is a nice place to eat. Maybe I should try its sweet and sour pork rice someday !!