29 June 2009

Just spend RM5 only !!

Since the H1N1 is getting worse in Malaysia, especially P.Jaya area , people...please take care of your health. Drink a lot of water to avoid yourself getting sick in this hot weather. As we all know, the H1N1 is a contagious disease. We can easily get infected and we cannot eventually sense which person has this disease...

I , who try to be more careful practised the idea of putting a hand sanitizer in my handbag wherever I go. I put on sanitizer after I came in contact with people or touched things outside like shopping malls. I also use the sanitizer before I eat ( if i could not find a place to wash my hand ).
This is what I own in my bag !!
Having this sanitizer seems like a burden to me at first because this means I have to take an additional thing ' bottle' in my bag -loh...My bag already full of stuff liao..As time passed, having this sanitizer grew in me. Not having it around is like forgetting your car keys or your purse.
New Product by Braun ..Claimed to be used by surgeons as well !!

For your info , the hand sanitizer is/can :-
1. Kills 99.9% of germs without water
2. Easy to use.Just squeeze some and rub hands together until dry.
3. Rinse free and non sticky
4. Nurses and doctors in hospitals use hand sanitizers as well
5. During the SARS outbreak, hand sanitizers are massively used in highly infected areas such
as Hong Kong and etc.
6. Can be found in many brands in pharmacies. ( such as Guardian, Watson, AEON Health,
Caring etc...)

Aiya, hand sanitizer is not poisonous lah. It is basically made from alcohol. Somemore, it is not expensive...A small bottle of 50ml Dettol Hand sanitizer costs around RM 5.++. I am using it since I have to go through a shopping mall to get to my office. Somemore, IBM does provide its staff hand sanitizers in the washrooms and pantry.
What I Have in my office ...
This is not a difficult thing to do right ? RM 5 does not cost you much . Watch less one movie or have a cheaper meal. Use the savings to buy a BOTTLE of sanitizer for your health.
Reminder :
You don't need to wash your hand after you use the sanitizer !!
I saw some people wash their hands after using the sanitizer . This proves that they do not read the instructions from the bottle CAREFULLY !!

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