12 June 2009

Happy Birthday to you !!

Dear Mommi & Micky,
Happy Belated Birthday to you guys !! Both of you have the same birth date ...except different years..kekeke!! I am not a forgetful gal , people. I did remember and I wished them on that day itself already.

Ah Ma, u wan to know who Micky is aaa ? Aiya , difficult to see him-loh cuz he is busy all the time !! I have seen him once only since last November 2007...( grinning widely now ).
If u want to know who he is, I still have some pictures of him.

Micky Park Yoo Chun ( from TVXQ @ DBSK )
-charming, talented & adorable-

Together with Sis Marina, Bro Singh, Aunt JJ, Papa & Ade, we celebrated your birthday full with tradition which were singing the Birthday song, candle blowing, picture taking & cake cutting ceremony. This cake was bought from out favourite bakery in K.Kemuning, named as "Bread Basket Bakery".

Chocolate Cake - Looked very tempting

Picture taking -loh...

Cake very 'laku'

The cake box...just to let people know the shop name lah

The cake was not too sweet and it is chocolaty..yummy !! It has some almonds and hazel nuts in between the cream...Tongue Licking Good !!

*Micky, May you have a wonderful and healthy year ahead of you !! Best of luck and u still have my support..Go DONG BANG !!

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