29 June 2010

Chicken Hotpot ~ Cheras

Yalah yalah...Im a makan queen...so what ??? I think it's good to try out new things rather than eating the same thing all the time ....

Of course I have no idea what to eat or even where to eat if Im in KL (cuz Im not familiar with KL) but I have one good GPS and KL road guide to teach me or even bring me there loooo...kekekeke..n she's Ms Wong...yaaayyyy...

Where did she intoduced/brought me to ?? Someplace nearby KL ...

To make my normally long-winded statements shorter :-

Restaurant name : Chicken Hotpot (Dunno how to read in Chinese loh)
Location : Cheras, KL
Food served: Choices of meat (chicken/pork ribs/ beef/ fish/lamb) cooked in a claypot with a blend of several herbs (unique combination) and vegetables...

We chose Chicken Meat lah..Oh yeah, u get to choose whether you want it non-spicy, a bit spicy or spicy !! 

Judging by my ability to eat spicy food, we juz ordered "a bit spicy"...

Oh yeah, the dish is served with rice too !

The environment: No air-con...but still OK ...
There are branches all over CHINA leh...which I dunno if it's the truth or not lah...kekeke

Here comes the Chicken dish !!

Yup...it is placed on top of a mini stove to keep the dish hot !! 

N here's the highlight ...

From Dry Chicken dish .....

TO Flooded Chicken Dish !!
How come ? ? ? 

The uniqueness of the dishes here is that you can add in a soup base (either spicy or non-spicy)  & WALA!! it turns into a HOTPOT which you get to play steamboat as well ...!! 

No extra ingredients to steam the boat ?? kekeke...
No worries...

See the pic below ?
It is fridge with small colorful baskets containing various ingredients you need to STEAM your BOAT !!
Choose any , take it out n go play steamboat.

Of course extra charges will be included into your bill lah....u ingat people no need to do business one a ?

I forgot the price again lah, all in all it was RM 40 like that as we did took a few baskets from the fridge !!

24 June 2010

Guess where is this ??

Looks complicated right ??
It does not really look all that complicated ....
the design of the place is in fact quite unique for a food court ...

Oh!! Did I mention earlier that this is a food court ?
Where on earth did I go to ???

some hints: It's quite near to us if you are a KL kaki !! 
However, not everyone knows that there's such a place loh...

Ok Ok...tell u lah..
This is Lot 10's food court ....
This place serves you some of the famous food available around town ....

Stalls available :-
1. Duck King (which I tried)
2. Lameeya ( one branch in One Utama)
3. Mr. Siew Bao 
4. A Wanton mee stall 
5. The famous beefball noodle in KL (near Pudu Raya)
6. A dim sum stall 
7. A claypot chicken rice stall (claimed to be from Kampar)
8. Ho Chien stall ( weird way of preparing that dish compared to what i know)
9. etc...n etc...

I mentioned earlier that I tried Duck King's noodle dish with 2 combinations of meat...
So i took Char Siew and Roast Pork(Siew Yook)!! 

The Char Siew was a bit hard...but Siew Yook is quite nice !!

Miss Wong took 3 combinations (Roast Duck/ Siew Yook & Char Siew) with rice....
Tried her duck - nicceeee!! But i still prefer the famous one in Paramount Garden !!

Price of food : as expected-loh ...u expect a dish to be RM4.00 meh ...u also have to pay for their tax aaa...pay for their rental, design, nice environment....bla bla bla...
my plate of noodle is around RM 16.00 loh...

Juz to make sure u go to the right place ...!! The food court is facing RIGHT in front of ........(in Lot 10 lah - LG floor )

* A big thank u to Ms Wong for introducing me various places to try out their food...kekeke

16 June 2010

Well Cook Gourmet - Best Malaysia Local Food

That's what was displayed in this restaurant's own blog !! 

Anyway, I came upon Well Cook Gourmet by accident when my colleague and I were venturing out for something new to tease our taste buds in one fine lunch session...!!

We passed by this restaurant and the aroma of something being fried was juz too tempting 
The smell was like something sour  ( mouth watering..!!)
looked empty cuz we were the first ones there !!

We just popped in not long after that... 
BUT for this trip, I brought my sis there to try out what they are famous for

Fried Laksa as mentioned ~ 

I , on the other hand, tried Fried Vermicelli

* I tell u aaa, this shop aaaa is packed one during lunch hour on weekdays ....i dunno bout weekends lah cuz this was the first time I went on a Saturday...somemore, my sis & I were the first ones to step foot into the restaurant...!!

* besides fried laksa, they serve many many other kinds of dishes like Char Koay Teow, Yee Mee, Popiah, goreng goreng noodles/nasi...etc etc. Go check out their blog lah. 

* prices : Range from 5.00-7.00 per plate.
* Location: Subang area....muhaha- i dunno how to explain lah...
Well Cook Gourtmet,  74, SS14/2, Subang Jaya

15 June 2010

Fried rice as breakfast !!

Taking biscuits/cookies in the office every morning made me bored a bit ...
Therefore, I decided to tapau Fried Rice as breakfast (with the help of my colleague-lah)
Fried Rice-leh...such a heavy meal at 8 am in the morning !

Seems normal to you ??
For me , it is not so normal but still acceptable. 

Y ?
For someone who is in the midst of watching my own weight, I do feel that this is one heavy meal to eat in the morning !! 

But who cares when I have not been touching even one tiny rice for the past week...so I broke my fast from RICE ...hahaha

10 June 2010

Im Having Puppy Love !

Im sure many gals have gone through PUPPY LOVE before  !!

I surely DID pass this stage ...n yet IM very still in it ...ahahahahaha

Y can't I still have puppy love ???




Should I not show out my love when .....

it is 


Being stored as part of a Beanie babies collection !!

Cutely begging for mercy to be set free from the shelf !! hahaha

Isn't she cute ?? That's y Im having puppy love for her ...
(though she is in fact not a puppy anymore, n yet still looks like one)

OLLLDDD SG Pics ......(2-3 years back )

I was digging through the files of my external hard-disk and came across a folder named "Jojobing's Pics"

Most of my old old photos were inside...including my trip to SG with my bestie 2-3 years back ....

At The Zoo( visiting our long lost friends) :-
with Jackie & FY (the twins)
with Siau Yen (Leo Club's President)
Petite Pui Yee ...
saw Engchi !! 
Wei Chong ...& his disciples (students)
my long lost twin !!
collegemates ....
Kien Teik (tough & strong).....
with Wei Jie , Kin Wah etc...
I looked like a drunk person here !! wahahaha
Mei Wan/ Huey Wuen/ Kah Wey 
Soon Tak passing by ~~~~

Still in the zoo :
Stepping on a fake elephant's foot print...imagine how flat my head can be if an elephant stepped on mine.
Im not in Africa/Australia !! Im in Singapore ZOO !!
Boomerang house ...
Do people who play boomerang have BIG FEET ?? so confusing ...

Clarke Quay 
Saw a gang of Korean Ajummas waiting for their boat cruise along Clarke Quay 
 Japanese Ice- Cream time in a HOT HOT Day ...Yummy-licious !!

Science Centre :
Im not the one who chopped down her head
NO...IM NOT GUILTY !! Do not electrocute me !!
We went to a few more places lah but no photos loh....that time, Jojobing & her bestie depended on her bestie's 2.0 mega pixel camera phone to take pics only-leh ...

Ben & Jerry's time - no kiosk can be found in Malaysia 

Pasta de Gohan - has not exist in Sunway Pyramid yet 

The Silver Surfer from Fantastic 4 (part 2)

That's all for my OLD OLD OLD SG trip adventures ...
we did go to Bugis-lah / East Side Park and and and....forgot dy lah...!!

08 June 2010

Ah Yip's Herbal Soup venture @ Summit USJ

A trip to Summit USJ with my sis started with lunch at 
Ah Yip's Herbal Soup....

I kind of remembered I tried this restaurant before a few years back at Low Yat Plaza when Justin (HK) came here for his promotional event...

How's the environment ?  Nothing like a herbal selling shop -loh ...
Looked normal like a HK Char Chan Teng...

There are quite a number of soups meant for different health purposes lah....
N they also serve normal meals which include rice / noodles...

What both of us ordered ??
Herbal chicken soup with a bowl of rice...
(the soup was really nice )

I ordered ginger chicken noodle....but ended up with Duck Thigh Noodle 

Y ? 
Cuz the waiter brought my dish to the wrong table...N the customer still ate it without a doubt whether the dish served to him is exactly the one he ordered !! 

I guess he cannot differentiate CHICKEN meat from DUCK THIGH ...

I, being less fussy, took the Duck Noodle-loh since the supervisor came and asked if I can take the noodle 
- with condition of giving me a Gui Ling Gao and a 10% discount ...

The Gui Ling Gao 


Some Selca moments 
See the satisfied face of Ms Chan???

*Price aaa, I kind of forgot...but not too expensive. 
I remembered the CHICKEN GINGER NOODLE which was supposed to be mine costs around RM7.90-8.90 per/plate.

* Service was so so only....the waiters don't even knoe each table's number...