29 August 2010

A midnight visit to I-City @ Shah Alam

It was a public holiday in Selangor ....n a normal Friday's night yumcha session turned to a small visit to I-City at Shah Alam ....

As most of the members of my gang were first timers there, WHICH includes myself, this idea popped out from Issac who has been there before ...

The place were greatly lighted with various colours of lights made into the shape of tree leaves...

It seems as if I am in a different world.....(certain parts only lah)...cuz im still sane n I can see many other people busily taking snapshots here n there !!

Self-Cam...the others were playing on their own...
The rest of the GANG ...!!
swans on tarred surface !!
close up on how some of the lights looked like...!!
China Town wanna-be !!
Jojobing in color-land...

The group members who went with me seldom take pictures one...it is a blessing that we managed to take some loh..
I have to take the pictures by myself all the time ...n this made me paiseh also , as if Im a camwhore !!

Cactus-land ...
That's all folks...this is Winter-land !!

23 August 2010

Full Moon Package

A colleague's baby full moon lo...so Ms Jojobing got a chance to eat a Full Moon Set in the office. 

This means FREE LUNCH for me !! Wahaha !! 

Let's take a look what's inside....

Sudah lama tarak makan Nasi Kunyit ler....It was nice ...so was the curry !! 
Portion was big ...till I cannot finish the whole box of food ...keke

The Kuih Ang Ku were nice. They have 2 flavours. 1 was the normal one while the other is one with peanuts...

Being a busybody , I looked all over the box to korek some info of these nice food. 
You also wanna buy or book full moon boxes like the one above ?? u see for yourself lah. 
Gua manyak letih...sudah mau tidok !


Go find out yourself.... dun make me suffer more today !!

Sunway Hotel @ Prai, Penang (2010)

Becoz of work purposes, I have to drop by at Prai for 3 days....Of course I have to get someplace to stay for 2 nights !! If not, where do u expect me to sleep at ?/? By the streets or in the hotel lobby ???

In the end, I stayed at Sunway Hotel in Prai itself...as I was so FREEEEEE after dinner and I have nowhere to go to, of course "cam whoring" came into mind on the spot !!

Not only cam-whoring la...but also snap here n there loh...my fave hobby ma !! wahaha ...

Overview of the room which I was staying at !! 
Standard design and style loh....what to expect bo ???
One of the only 2 main hotels in Prai !! 

View outside the room window ...

Aiya...u still want picture of the washroom ke ?  no need lah...I did not take any pictures leh...Next time I show you nicer ones lah...kekeke

I tell you what I did during my trip to Prai next time...slowly wait lah...kekeke

07 August 2010

Kampar Food: Tastes that can't be forgotten

I might have exagerated a bit but it's true that food from Kampar is delicious ...!! Undeniable !! wahahaha

These are some of the well responsed food in my beloved hometown:-

1. Laksa @ 36 stalls
Ngam ngam served !!
After I mixed everything together....

His laksa is the best in town..all my paternal relatives who loves to eat laksa love his recipe !!
During the weekends or public holidays, dun even think of getting a bowl without waiting for like 15 mins (at least ) !!

2. Jao Yuen & Fu Pei @ 36 Stall ( next to the laksa stall)

10 cents a piece of Jao Yuen. The cheapest n crunchiest in town !! 
The stall also sells noodle soup which is nice too...

It was believed that a cousin in law of mine can munch down 200 pieces of these akmost everytime he comes to Kampar...( if im not mistaken of the statement )

3. Beef Stomach Soup ( Ngao Lam Tong) @ 36 Stall 

Darn nice beef soup...this stall used to be located in front of Gospel Hall church when I was still in primary school. The main dish this stall sell is none other than their oh-so-famous Char Siew Wantan Mee...

Looks nice right !!

4. Honey comb cake/cookie ( Sak Ke Ma) @ Kampar Market (by an old man)

Not Too Sweet....& not too hard to bite ...
Ngam ngam nice !! Great ....

That's all I wanna intro first...when i have more pics, i put in a new post lah. wakakaka !!