28 August 2009

All About DBSK (Season 3)

Omo...omo..it is finally here...!! The long awaited DVDs which my sis bought through a friend..!!

Let me explain what is goin on..My sis bought an ori version of ALL ABOUT DBSK (Season 3). The main characters consist of 5 handsome guys in a group called DBSK (Dong Bang Shin Ki). In English, it means Rising God From the East !! Indeed they are cuz they have a fanbase of more than 800 000 people.

Of course they are singers. They have the entire package to be in stardom..they are :-
2. GREAT DANCERS - they dance way better than some groups in the Taiwan/HK
entertainment industry

Im not goin to talk much about them ...Im goin to intro them to you someday...hahaha..!!

These DVDs features their recent activities, movie making, songs, latest MVs, their personal thoughts and lives etc....I regret to say that I did not buy the first 2 seasons DVDs due
personal reasons...BUT hey , I have the third one..hahaha..

23 August 2009

Pre - Wedding Day Dinner Buffet

Seriously, Im not sure why the Chinese will have a Pre-Wedding Dinner / Party right before the wedding day of either the bride or groom !! Anyone to enlighten me about it ?

Well, it was my cousin sister's wedding in July 2009 and as a younger cousin, I did help out whatever way I could since her family lack manpower to do a thousand things in a short time.

U mesti sudah tak sabar want to know who this cousin was...BUT Im not goin to show her face to you in this POST. The main characters of this post are my ever good friends ' KAMPAR FOOD' ahahahahahaa..

It was a Friday evening and I was in this house in Bandar Baru doing tasks non-stop. I did all sorts of task ...from food cutting , chair arranging to rubbish throwing..EXCEPT one task - COOKING !! NOT because I can't cook ...( I can cook one ok !! ) ...but because my aunt ordered these food all around Kampar..kekekeke..

Fine fine...without wasting time, I show you some of the dishes that were served.

Kampar Famous - Ham Kok Zhai

Long time no eat !!

Kampar Market Fei Po (Fat Lady) - Fried Po Piah

I missed you guys dearly ....

Fried Fish Balls
Okay..this is nothing special...but they are served as well, so I mah took a PIC loh

Relative Made - Superb Achar

One darn good appetizer. 80% guests praised its tastiness..

Fried Seafood Tofu

Kam Ling Restaurant's Fried - Fried Gang

From below to top : Fried Chicken, Fried Rice, Fried Mihun & Fried Mee

Roast Pork

Aunt made dessert - Red Bean Tong Sui

People said it was superb. Habis jual in a glimpse ..!!

and etc....( I forgot what else were served ...)

These are plainly backups or reserves for late comers ma....so the kitchen was indeed in a chaotic situation...but I did manage to find a small spot to have my personal feast...hehehehe

Super Combo - Mixture of almost every dish I could fine that night...

Well....that was a night where all tasty memories came rushing back and flooded my brain & taste buds...all those times I longed for hometown food were there in front of my eyes in one shot ..
In conclusion, I had a great time that night ...

* more about the wedding will come to you soon, Stay tuned ...!!

20 August 2009

This Better Be The Last Time....

Well, I am also a bit PAISEH liao loh....I hope there won't be a repetition on what happened to the Streamyx line in this PJ house anymore.
If not, I will definitely bomb the whole house or maybe T**** ?

By that time, please be prepared to catch a glimpse of me in the news headlines ( TV, both local and international newspapers, online newspaper, CNN, BCC , TVB etc...)

I got so tired of waiting for this line. Somemore, I don't have the time to wander off to public places n join the race for free Wireless anymore...

So dear friends, please accept my apology.....I will try to keep you updated with my life experiences once again..

Miyane...Gomenasai....Dui Bu Chi....Maafkan saya...sobs...