03 June 2009

Barbie's Bufday wooorrr...

Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, I suppose you know who Barbie is ? Well, she just celebrated her birthday in May 2009 at The Curve.

Pink Birthday Celebration...

To tell the truth, I dunno how old she is. She has been an old friend of mine, my sis and some cousins since we were toddlers. She never gets old one..like Forever young like that..I suspected she had Botox and noone knows.

Celebrating birthday is about treating people makan makan and sing birthday song and then games BUT Barbie sold her own merchandise one wor. I could see that there are new tranformations of her brand as I grew older. Barbie has additional friends...
Not only that, she even started a kiddies' clothes line of her own. Then started selling stationeries, plates , cups aaa,bags aaa, bicycle aaa and etc. Maybe her business was less than before so she came out with all sorts of product to capture more sales.

I took a look at the display cases which Barbie showed off during her birthday bash and I found some difference between these latest dolls compared to the ones I used to play with.
Some were pretty and some were not pretty. They do not look as nice as the ones which I still have back at home....
The Pretty Gang (based on my opinion)

The Character in Stardust

Looks like a wedding gown to me

The Indian Barbie

The Chinese Empress
French Gal
The Less Appetite Luring Gang
I thought Barbies are supposed to be fair..they are tanned here !!
Did any rats bite her hair ? & What was with the colour ?
Someone exploded her hair !!
An Air Hostess wanna-be ..look at her eyes! She did not smile at all
Well, tat is all for now folks !! Too many to show...
Barbie, no hard feelings ..Im just expressing my own opinion.


  1. ooohhh...I'm so glad tt I'm not there on tt day cos its so PINK!!!!

    -From I-Bet-You-Know-Who

  2. Haha - I know who you are -

    The PINK is too much...even I was sick of it ..kekekeke..