30 July 2009

Latest Family Members

People, my SIS and I are proud to present you our latest addition into the

PJ family !!

The info on these 2 new members are as below :-

Member No.1 : Ga Loo Ppang Chang
Place of birth : Korea
Date adopted : 28th July 2009

Member No.2 : Dai Tou Piet
Place of birth : Korea
Date adopted : 28th July 2009

The rest of the family : Pooh Puui, Jingga, Mr Padini ( Bear with sweater & scarf), Ga Loo Ppang Chang & Dai Tou Piet

I am actually trying to look for an English name for Dai Tou Piet. If my dear frenz , family or visitors have any idea ? Please give me a reply...I appreciate your ideas a lot.

Tastiest Food on EARTH !!

I am glad to be born in Kampar and get a taste of this edible ' THING' !! I get to eat it since I was small...and of course, I grew up with it. I never forget the existence of this yummy thing , which I categorise as 'SNACK' ...

Muahaha...You must be thinking ...what is so BA BAI / Great about this delicacy ?
I show you lah ...

Ladies & gentlemen,

This is my favourite SNACK ...it is called as "JAO YUEN" (in Cantonese-lah)...
I dunno what it is called as in English so I may just call it "Fried Ball" ?

It is made of flour and some extremely minced fish meat before it is dumped into a wok of hot oil that turns it into golden brown in color....Well, u can find it in almost any noodle stall in town..However, the ones I love most come from a place called "36 Stalls" - Behind Kam Ying restaurant...

Talking bout it makes me start drooling...I MISS IT ...I MISS u, Kampar Jao Yuen...

YUMMY !! I know, I am a glutton !! Whenever I post sth bout food, I also commented YUMMY !!

28 July 2009

I am baaaccckkk!!!!

Everyone......I am baaaccckkkkk !!!

All I want to say is .... I MISS MY BLOG SOOOO SOOO MUCH !!!

It has been more than a week or two since I last landed my own blog with a new post.
I have my very own reasons...I list down aaaa....

1. I have been very very busy .....well, I changed my JOB...from IBM to Ann Joo Resources Bhd !! From sales dept to procurement dept.Everyday, I have to read read and read articles to get myself updated with the industry which Ann Joo is in, that is STEEL...

2. This is one of the most drastic reason!! There is no internet connection in my house !!
I was told that it will take around a month to get a new streamyx line...n YES I have waited for more than a month..but I don't get any news yet...Even now, I am sitting like a homeless kid in Starbucks with my sis( because I cannot find any socket at Old Town Kopitiam / Pappa Rich / McDonalds) poking my laptop every now n then as my sis has to use it too.... Im in Starbucks does not mean that I am RICH...just that I have NO CHOICE !!


3. I am even busy with housechores, Japanese class homeworks, go out with frenz whom I have
not met for some time...etc ...

4. I was also busy with IBM's work the week before ...I thought I could have a good rest the day before I start afresh in Ann Joo. However, my ex-boss ( IBM) was in dire need for assistance which I am the only person in Malaysia who knows how to use the bloody website. No choice-loh...help out a bit loh...I am not that cold-hearted one ma...of course she also offered me extra pay for the extra day I contributed my services in IBM...

Well, these are the reasons why I did not even have the time to drop by my beloved BLOG. SOBS !!!

I have to leave dy ...getting late and I need my sleep !! If not, I will be lying on my workdesk like a dead fish the next day !!


15 July 2009

Hot Dogs...

Do you know how and what do people use to produce a mouth watering HOT DOG ?

This one looks really delicious and tempting, right ? You are getting hungry already, right ?
Hehehehe !!! Give me your comments when you see this PICTURE ...
* Im just playing a fool. This is plainly a joke ....
* How could anyone simply eat such a cute, little puppy like that ?
That's why this delicacy should not be simply called as "HOT DOG"
Irrational people or young children will actually believe that Hot Dogs are plainly made from BREAD and

14 July 2009

13th July

13th July is the date my grandma passed away 7 years ago..

I never realised how fast time flies. In a twinkling of an eye, she has left us for 7 years. I can remember clearly as that was the date I was supposed to get my report card from school.

Since I went back hometown on the weekend that has just passed, my aunt, her hubby, my uncle, his wife and my family went to the graveyard to offer our prayers to Grandma & of course her late husband, my Grandpa and also a great grandmother.

The day was a bit gloomy and it drizzled for a while. A burial was taking place at the neighbouring graveyard somemore. Maybe the sky was crying over the death of that person...

After grandma, of course we went over to grandpa's place before going over to great grandmother's place.

Yup!! That's grandpa ...

The graveyard was a quiet as All Souls' Day is still a long way to come....Other than us, there were a few people repairing a drain nearby, making some tombstones and also a family visiting a deceased family member ( my opinion lah)...

The scenery there was perfect . As u can see, there are mountains behind my great grandma's tombstone...
I missed these sceneries as I can hardly see any in Selangor ...

Great Grandmother. The view behind her was beautiful..

She has a companion with her...!! Mr Froggy !!

After that do what aa? Take lunch loh...Im not a bionic woman or super woman...of course I have to feed my stomach so I can have the energy to do other stuff ma...

10 July 2009

Im GOIN home !!

KAMPAR, here I come...!! Im finally coming HOME !!

Well, apologies for the excitement ...it has been months since I last stepped foot on my hometown , KAMPAR.
This town is in Perak, Malaysia...NOT Kampar, Indonesia which u learnt in History class lah...


I miss my bed
I miss my house
I miss family & relatives
I miss going to Tesco Kampar
I miss Kampar Market ..( which may sound weird to you guys)
I miss ...what else is important ?

OF COURSE the FOOD lah...

Im coming for you....Claypot Chicken Rice !
Wait for me...Kampar Jao Yuen ( Fried Flour Balls ?)
Oh, u are definitely not forgotten, Kamta Bus Station Chendol Stall !!
U too, KFC !!
N U too Laksa Man !!
N U too Kam Sui Chee Cheong Fun ....

Slurrpp!! Droolliiinnngg...I wonder if I can accomplish all these food mission or not...sobs

Don't be surprised to see a bloated Jojobing when she comes back to PJ...

08 July 2009

Eat your limbs

Are u terribly hungry now ? Feel like you want to eat up everything ?
How bout this ?

I got an email from a fren and I got a shock when I laid my first sight on these pictures..They definitely turned my appetite down...

Some of you must be thinking if these are for real, or are these pictures being photoshopped?
Well as far as I know, these are only bread. THEY ARE MADE FROM FLOUR and these are available in THAILAND.

This is the mastermind of all these gross scenes ..

This is a very good piece of artwork..but it should not be edible!!

Artist at work

This guy is good in all these make up stuff...Maybe he should be hired in the entertainment industry n make up real artists ( specifically in horror and gross movies ) rather than him, applying make up on a pieces of flour...

This place looks just like a slaughter house

Are u STILL feeling hungry now ? Do u mind take a bite ?
This young fellow doesn't mind at all...

06 July 2009

A Hidden Garden !!

Sometimes, I feel that working life is a bit boring...Everyday, I have to drag myself up early in the morning to get myself prepared to work. Then , u go to the office and work work work...

Lunch time comes, I go to eat at One U (no choice loh - cuz the office is just next to it ma..not because Im rich only I eat there one). Then I get my car reparked. After that, go back to the office and I have to go through a torturing time again before the clock strikes 5 !!

To bring some life to myself and my colleague, Ainnul, both of us normally jalan-jalan a while before returning to the office. We just try to think of new shops to enter lah...but normally we ended up in Jusco. Hehehe!!

Once in a blue moon, I will ajak her to go to the Rainforest area to feed the carps.

Where is this place ? It is located in One U (nearby Secret Recipe, Nippon Yataimura and Kluang Station at Lower Ground ) and NO, it is not really a jungle or anything...It is more or less a man-made tiny miny jungle with green plants, some creative landscaping artwork and also a fish pond...U can get a clearer location by looking at its map at http://www.1utama.com.my/.

They even have a platform for you to step on...

Another view of the place

Escalator leading to the car park

Actually, the rainforest area is nearby the parking lots ...so we will definitely pass by the so-called One U-made rainforest EVERY SINGLE WORKING DAY since we park our vehicles in that area!! SO Every morning (when I go to work), afternoon ( repark my car ) and evening (finish work) I will get to see these carps swimming about. I wondered if the management ever feed them ? So out of the blue, I fed them once in a while with FISH FOOD. NOT ROTI/BREAD or BISCUITS !!

Come fishy fishy...come !!

Dun you even try to say that fish food are expensive. I bought one average sized packet with the price of RM2.00 only. See how they come fighting for food ?
I call this the DBKL / Bandaran fish cuz it sucks up all the dirt in the pool for a living.
BUT , this fish, also came fighting for food...so unethical !!
U can say that I am silly for doing something like that ...BUT I pitied them when I saw some of them sucking the wall for food..

They don't know how to beg for food !!

They don't know how to make hungry facial expressions !!

They don't know how to speak to you that they are starving !!

What can they do ? Wait for people to feed them ...

or else, they starve to death ...

Anyway, I feel comfortable to be in the rainforest. The enviroment feels natural as our lives always revolves around skyscrapers and concrete buildings everyday ..

* a reminder : I never said that One U mananegement did not feed these fish with food...

05 July 2009

We tried Bubba Gump

July is the birthday month of my PAPA/ BAPAK or Ah Teh ...

We celebrated his birthday earlier by treating him to Bubba Gump. Anyway, I have never tried it before ma..so I suggested there loh..

Bubba Gump at Sunway Pyramid!!

What is Bubba Gump ? And where is it located at ?
Bubba Gump is a restaurant which serve western dishes. The idea of this restaurant came from the movie "Forrest Gump" starred by Tom Hanks. As far as I know, there are only 2 locations which have Bubba Gump which are Sunway Pyramid (Next to Old Wing Main Entrance) & The Curve (First Floor).
I liked the environment a lot cuz it made me feel relaxed and comfortable like I can spend a lifetime there..
Their idea for the restaurant's interior design was quite unique. Old normal household items are displayed throughout the restaurant. I suppose they adopted the idea from the movie as well... Im not too sure bout the statement I just made cuz I have not watched Forrest Gump before. Anyway,I just love the place!!

Wooden planks as the wall - made the place looks like a hut ...

People, these sauces are for decorative purposes only! You can't use them !!

All sorts of paraphernalias of the olden days put up on the planks ...

Our tiny corner...can see a Mickey n Donald plastic doll & toys on top of us ?

OK..Finished with the surroundings !! Now the food !!

We ordered a Set Meal ( Comes with Drink, Garden Salad, Garlic Bread, Main Entree, coffee or tea , & a dessert) , 2 other dishes & our own drinks. We did not order much since the portion they provide is quite large for Asians...and the food are totally YUMMY but SINFULLY FATTENING for someone who likes to watch his/her diet !! Anyway, a treat to yourself once in a while is still acceptable !!

1. Lotsa Lava

2. Mango Sparkler

This is a thirst quenching drink !!

3. Run Forrest Run

Yummy !! It has pineapples blended with bananas and some other fruits

4. Cajun Shrimp
Sluurrpp !! Pan fried shrimps with some special sauce served with 2 garlic bread!!

5. Captain's Fish & Chips (Large)
Love the coleslaw & fries..

6.Bourbon Street Baramundi (Chicken)

The meat , esp. the shrimp blended well with the sauce..

7. Salad

The salad is at the lower part of the pic. The yellow thingys are cheese..

That's all- loh. After dinner, I felt extremely full cuz the portion of the dishes served are large ma...I mentioned that earlier !! Dunno you got pay attention or not lah ...

* Apologies for bad photo quality. I did not use camera flash and the lights there were a bit dim. That's the concept ma...if too bright, people can see how dirty or how ulgy the way you eat loh..!!

* This place is worth trying ...once in a blue moon can lah !!Pamper yourself after all the work n stress you have gone through... If I take it too frequently, I will burn a big HOLE in my purse loh - cuz Im a poor working person...

Teddy , I LOVE U !!

I have a new toy
Teddy's the name
I loved it a lot
Since my mum gave it to me

Teddy's there
always by my side
in my slumber
or playtime
Teddy keeps me company
when the lightning strikes
when the thunder roars
or the sky comes tumbling down

I will cherish it
cuz my mum gave it to me !!

02 July 2009

Happy Birthday in different languages

Today is a fren's birthday ..Aiya.I tell u who lah..it is Ah Ai, my IBM colleague!!

I was thinking hard to give her something special besides a gift which I have prepared earlier...

Then, an idea popped out and I was in a hurry GOOGLING for 'Happy Birthday in Different Languages'. Instantly, I started making a powerpoint slide just for Ah Ai.

What I did aaa :
  • Searched for a few nice nice n unique birthday cake pictures
  • Selected Happy Birthday wishes in English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French and Arabic
  • Fill in each slide with a birthday cake pic and a birthday wish ....
  • Edit some background and match it with suitable colors


Here are some Happy Birthdays in different languages :

Joyeux Anniversaire (French)

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag (German)

Buon Compleanno (Italian)

Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu (Japanese)

Piranda naal vaazhthukkal (Tamil)

etc...(you want which language, you'll have what language!!)

I loved several cake pictures which I found in the web. Show u some :-

Nice and attractive RIGHT ?

These cakes are quite expensive lah...cuz they are all sugar coated cakes. If im not wrong, no cream is invloved...

Ladies & Gentlemen, try to use my idea ...they might just work well for you !!