22 June 2009

Did anyone miss me ?

Did anyone miss Jojobing/ Panda Eyed Gal ?

I know it has been quite a while for me since I last posted anything in my own blog. I have tonnes of things to do. My schedule is and was packed all the time...I wonder why..

Even my workload suddenly increased . I should not say it increased but the work required a lot of time...I suddenly feel like I have no time . Y ? I also dunno.

- No time to BLOG ...
- No time to load clips in You Tube
- No time to carry out my homework
- No time to iron my clothes
- No time to go back hometown (sobss...)
- No time & not enuf money to go shopping
- Not enough time to have a good night's sleep...

Maybe tonight I may have a tiny bit of extra time to do my own stuff...I hope so lah..
Cross my fingers hard hard ...

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