26 November 2009

Jusco Day 2009

It was Jusco's Members Day on the 24th & 25th November 2009. I missed out on it looo....too bad..cuz it was the end of the month so I have less to spend on anyway.

Anyway, I had a past experience when I was still working pretty near to One Utama. There was this Jusco's Member Day too at the beginning of the year. I went and joined the sea of people to grab a few wanted items as the goods on sale (practically most of the things) were quite cheap compared to its normal price.

That's y there were throngs of people going there maaaa...

That day, I went to the ladies' apparel dept loooo....I grabbed 2 pants with a 70% Discount leh. Quite good quality somemore....but as I queue, I started to feel like I made the wrong decision. BUT THE PANTS WERE CHEAP !!!

The queue for all counters were like that long

As my sis got bored, she took a few snaps for me to put in this very POST now. hahaha...
We were standing in a queue to the cashier near to the lingerie dept. and we saw many people there. The prices were real cheap for some branded items...

RM 26.97 only neee...I forgot the brand name

The customers rushing to her their fave items..muhaha

Both of us saw one funny sight where one lady bought so much of lingerie that I think they could last her a decade !! Or maybe she was just buying those on behalf of her daughters, nieces or even neighbours ?

Tadaaa !! Im sure she was holding at least 10 pieces of them nee...
Apa color pun ada !!

After paying, we fast fast leave loh...!!

23 November 2009

KK Trip 2009 (Part 3) - Gaya Street @ Sunday Market

The rest of the gang headed to Gaya Street the next morning after the wedding dinner...

It was a sunny day. The weather was intensely hot as the sun was sending its rays right into my skin. However,I have no choice but to walk on as this is what a market is all about !!

This street is supposed to be famous and tourists flocked here every Sunday. You can get a variety of things here...from souvenirs, food, clothes to pets for sale. Its like a morning market except that they don't sell livestock and also seafood.

The street was quite long and it was packed to capacity. The heat and sea of people made me sweat profusely.

As a tourist to KK, I did get myself a few souvenirs...They're quite cute in fact !!

After that, a few of us walked our way back to the hotel. From there, we passed by a few landmarks such as the Central Market, Handicraft market and also the big SWORDFISH on a roundabout...

The big SWORDFISH !!
The front of Central Market..
The Handicraft market....there were so many stalls selling the same things...

Another building selling only snacks and COCONUTs..!!
We stopped to have some coconut juice to quench our thirst ...!! Very hot leh (I mean the weather)

another part will come...kekeke.patient yar !!

22 November 2009

Im sure everyone knows who Garfield is... He is the cat that craves for lasagna all the time and he is one fat, lazy feline...!! If you still don't know who Garfield is, this is a pic of him !!

Remember him now ?? The ORANGE CAT ??

Yeah, I guess you already recognised him. He has been in existence since I was a kid and I even have a Garfield toy...

I have something almost the same like this !!

I was walking around SUNWAY again when I came to LIVING CABIN. U know-lah, girls have all these small small n cute cute things to buy one maaa...& Im ONE of them !!

As I was nearing the shop, something displayed in front of the shop caught my attention!

No, it was not because I spotted something exceptionally cute or pretty....It was more like a shock to me when I laid eyes on that creature. Its features resembles Garfield but im truly sure it was not him...

Take a look at this pic !!
I guess it was GRANDPA GARFIELD after all...
- with some dark eye rings ler
- without any whiskers-lah
- no stripes lah
-senget ears lah

This definitely looked like a Garfield :-
- that has been sucked DRY
- a drug addicted Garfield
- A MUMMIFIED garfield
- or could it be his ancestors ?

It sure was a nightmare to me ....how about you ?

17 November 2009

Pasta De Gohan experiment

A visit to Japanese pasta outlet was cancelled that fine day as it was closed.

CLOSED ? During business hours ? ......Who knows y man !!

Then, we ( Ade, Sis Nana & myself) briskly walked into Pasta De Gohan for testing....Kekeke.
I loved the interior of that restaurant. It has captured my attention ever since it started in Sunway Pyramid.

Who wouldn't go to the front of the shop for a peek !! Look at all the plates...

Be patient...I know u wanna see what I ate...but things have to go step by step one maaa !!

Step 1: Go through their prettily prepared menu...
They also have promotion & set meals

Step 2: After ordering, we pusing-pusing our head n see the surroundings...
Someone among the 3 of us said the spoon was cute-wor..

Step 3: aaa...the food finally came...
Salad -loh. what else...

Japanese style pasta...forgot the name thim..Yummy n innovative !!

This is actually a PIZZA BREAD. It is made out of normal sandwich !!
Lots of cheese toppings and also some sausages...SUPER YUMMY !!

That's all loh. We din eat much cuz we did not feel hungry that time...
I found some pictures of Pasta de Gohan's delicacies...so let you see see

Cheers !!

13 November 2009

2PM Heartbeat

Woo hooo.....2PM's back (unfortunately without Jaebum, i.e. their leader) with their album
"1.59 PM"

Their new song release is called "Heartbeat" and the MV is good . That's my opinion lah. At least the way they dance is powerful and the melody was nice as well.

That's a teaser MV of Nick Khun, one of the members...there are 5 more members' teasers...U check it out yourself in Youtube -lah..!!

This is their Heartbeat MV ( with translations as well )
credits to Time2sub2

Watch It !! Feel it !! Listen to it !!


09 November 2009

Human Head Flower Pot

That very Sunday, I could remember we had DIM SUM for lunch with my aunts & uncles at Oriental Pavilion, Jaya 33. The meal was definitely sumptious...That's not the main point I wanna say.

After that, the rest of the gang would like to take a short stroll and came across a hardware store in the building itself. This is definitely a heaven for the "BIG BOYS"...n without much ado, everyone stepped into that place.

My sis alerted me to go over to where she was standing. "Look at that !!" , she said pointing towards one direction. From that moment, I could not imagine that someone actually created such a "MASTERPIECE"....Definitely. the designer must have run out of ideas....

He/she designed a HUMAN HEAD FLOWER POT !! .....Not special ?? U see for yourself !!

It has Angelina's lips & Jackie Chan's nose !!
Wear ear-rings somemore !! Terror...!!

U like it ? Go to ACE HARDWARE & get one for yourself ...haha

06 November 2009

KK Trip 2009 (Part 2) - Wedding Dinner @ Sutera Harbour

THE WEDDING DINNER @ Sutera Harbour Resort, K.Kinabalu

After the church wedding ceremony, it's wedding dinner time. This is a tradition that the Chinese seldom miss. The place was great and so was the food, at least to my liking ler.

Here comes the newly-weds !! Drrr....drrr...draaaamm !!

Then food was served ...
Loved this soup a lot...I dun think it contained sharks' fin !!

Oh so yummy, esp. the garnishing together with the sauce..slurrppp!!

Mid-way performance by groom's frenz...They sang "Stand By Me !! "

These crunchy yet fresh prawns were tasty ...!!
How I wish somebody can help me peel the shells off that very moment..hehe

Cake cutting & YAM SENG session...

The last dish - Dessert Time ...

Everytime show you pictures of other people and also food but I never show my own photo...so I'll make an exception this time ...hehehe

That's how I looked like that night. Kekeke!!

01 November 2009

Ah Pui's (Cik Tong) Long Lost Sister !!

Im Ah Pui and recently I have found my LOOONG LOST SISTER !!

Actually I dun really know her one...but she came to me and told me she is my sister-loh SO.....
Well, Im a kind SOTONG ma...

Anyway, her name is Da Pui

S0...u be the judge !! Do we look alike , JUZ like sisters ? Ha ?

No matter she is related to me or not, I will treat her as my sis-loh ...!! Cuz she is way bigger than me