17 June 2009

Want to be dragged to hell ?

My sis and Ah Ai dragged me to hell last night !!

It was a horrible experience for me although I knew that everything was fake. Well, what do you expect man !! The movie title ' DRAG ME TO HELL' sounds scary enough already.

Movie Poster
The story was about a young lady who was cursed by an old Gypsy lady for not granting an extention to her house mortgage and also humiliating her in public ...then all these weird and scary incidents occured where in 3 days time, the girl will be DRAGGED TO HELL ...!!

What I can say about this movie :
Scary ! Scary & Scary !
Everynow and then , the old lady with horrible looking face jumped out of nowhere which scared the hell out of me..The sound system was the main culprit lah or should I blame the director or producer or maybe the whole crew-lah. The environment was quiet one, then suddenly you get shocked by a sudden BOOM !!

What if u see her in your dreams ? Will u wet your pants ?

What did I do to overcome my fears ?
1. I kept on munching on popcorns
2. I plugged in headphones to my handphone and blasted my ear drums with loud music.
(Actually, I shared the earphones with my sis. Both of us took one side of the
earphone SO I have seal the other ear with my hand)

I was totally distracted from the movie ...Kyahahahaha !!

I did not hear her scream ...!!

You must be thinking ' Y go through all the trouble to watch this movie ? Better don't watch at all !!' Well, I know I get scared but I still want to watch ma...can or not ?

Lesson to be learnt : DON'T MESS WITH GYPSIES or THEY'LL CURSE & HAUNT U HABIS-HABIS ....just like this ....

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