31 May 2009


I never liked sandwich. I don't like the fact that people put in raw vege into the bread. Since I do not really fancy vegetables, it will be more difficult for me to take raw ones, esp SANG CHOI ( i.e. Daun Salad ). Eeeww!!
However, I fell in love with HOAGIES. It is located right opposite Arena Foodcourt in One Utama. The sandwiches sold there were a combination of Veitnamese and some Western recipe.
The preferred what ? Sandwich loh...

They don't have like 20 recipes lah..but they do sell around 8-10 types of sandwiches such as :
- Chicken sandwich
- Chicken Chorios sandwich
- Egg sandwich
- Beef sandwich
- Portuegese chicken sandwich ( New ) - tried it & I LOVE IT
- Spicy garlic chicken sandwich (New ) - tried it & I like it ..!!
- Kaya & butter toast ...etc.
Their bread hoh is different. They do not use normal white bread like gardenia ...or even croissant. They use baguette!! I show you a picture lah..
Spicy Garlic Chicken Sandwich
Hoagies also have something called Fusion Roll. It looks like a semi transparent popiah to me..of course the fillings are a bit different also. I don't have the picture lah..next time I show you.
I normally take the Egg sandwich set. Of course you can take in set or ala carte mah...I need to have water when i take my lunch - so I mah order set ler..
Set : Sandwich + Salad ( Potato salad @ Fruit salad )
+ Drink ( Lemon juice @ Soya Bean )
Potato Salad

Fruit Salad

Soya Bean

An almost finished lunch set..

Ok Ok ...that's all for now. I hope these photos do not water your mouth ..

28 May 2009

Traffic Light !!

One fine day , I was walking happily with Ah Ai for lunch until I realised something that is coincidentally funny ...

What did our baju colors make us look like ? TRAFFIC LIGHT !!

  • We tried to find ourselves a camera...We dared not ask as we paiseh ma.
  • Ask people to take photos of us acting funny meh ? Please lah , that is an office area. People will think that we are rascals or some Tanjung Rambutan Case lah ..
  • Besides that, we did not take pictures of our faces so that people will not recognise us loh.Private & Confidential !! Somemore, this photo looked SPECIAL what !

27 May 2009

Im STILL new in this

Im venturing into poetry which I have never done before. I get some ideas whenever I have my music on...So far, I have created a few pathetic ones. This is one of them:-
(I don't have a title for it yet. Can give me some ideas ?)

I have thought about it
I just wanna be with you
You were the best
You were the one

You suited me well
That's what I think
You endured my feelings
with me and only me

I had a hard time
without you by my side
Everytime I see you around
I dunno what to do

I dream about you
night after night
again and again
it is unstopabble

Why did you appear
When im deep in slumber?
I don't want to think bout you
And yet u still appeared

This is a sign
That it is only a dream
A dream that will not come true
In this realistic world

But they seem too real
Can't let it pass
Just like the wind
A passing gale

How to stay awake in the OFFICE

I was busy cleaning up my company email archives until I came across a hilarious email. It was sent by me to a colleague, Ah Ai.

Both Ah Ai and I used to send email to each other to keep ourselves occupied whenever we were free. So one fine day, she emailed me and told me that she was extremely sleepy. I, out of nowhere, came out with various ideas how to keep her awake.

What I replied to her :

Sleepy ? I have thought of a few ways to make you awake...

1. Run around the office for 3 laps. You can also sing while u run or yell " I Will Survive"

2. Go wash your face with hot water...surely u'll wake up from the heat.
n your face dun need any blusher..natural blusher after the hot water. muhaha
3. Go ask Angie to give a few tight slaps...maybe that may help..
4. Run over to Canteen Lady's seat n eat up all her Hersheys...
5. Swim around with the carps in One Utama's pond
6. Go chat with your boss n tell him everything u know

(personal/ work wise..etc)
7. Go walk around the office n tell each and everyone that you like him/her. Movements

may wake u up
8. Go to the vending machine, ask the Milo guy to give you consume Nescafe powder - you'll

never get sleepy for the next few days..hahaha
9. Or, you can sleep...but draw 2 eyes on a piece of white paper n stick them to your eyelids
so that noone will know tat you are sleeping
10. Call 2000 and ask whether there is a cure for sleepiness...
11. Or go to the pond n get a tortoise to bite your finger. Surely you'll be awake for the rest

of the day ...
12. Blast your laptop loudly with songs until the whole office can hear
13. Stand up on the table n yell - I WILL NEVER FALL ASLEEP !!

Hope that these ideas are workable.

* 2000 is a phone number we IBMers call to get techincal solutions if we ever have
problems with out Laptop/ email/ ...any IT related stuff .

What do you think ? In my opinion, suggestion No. 2 & 8 might work very well.

26 May 2009

Another day at Sunway Pyramid

Sunday noon was so hot !! The ladies of KK went to Sunway Pyramid to avoid the intense heat that was getting on our nerves.

Restaurant's Full Name
We decided to try out " 3JC" as reccomended by Sis Na. I gave out a loud "OOOO" in my heart when i saw the shop cuz One U also has it. The one in One U did not appeal much to me cuz the location was out of my way.

After we ordered what we wanted, I started taking pics as usual..

A comfortable atmosphere...not the chairs lah
After waiting a while more...the food came...
The ' Specialty Noodle' - Dry Version ( Wet Version mah everything in soup loh )

Comes with 'fish paste' in soup

Pardon me Muslim Frenz , these are non-halal meat
Snacks : Fried Wantan

Fried Fuu Chok

Sambal sauce ( Recommended by me )

U want more photos a ? Aiya ...I was too hungry to think of continuing taking photos loohh..
I was happily gulping down the food to ease my ever demanding stomach...
You want to have a try ? Go to Sunway Pyramid and have a try lah. It is located near the skating ring area. Other than that, you can also try in One Utama, Low Yat Plaza, Centro Klang and etc.
People, there is sth called as the internet. Please go to www.3jc.com.my for more details.

* Muslim friends, a reminder to let u bear in mind that this is a non-halal place ! But surf the website to have a look can-lah ..

24 May 2009

I am cuter than u thought !!

I admit that I am cute . I don't think anyone else can be cuter than I am. The people around me said that !!

Everyone loved me a lot what . I always show them my best look when i want them to do something for me..Just like what the Puss in Shrek does. I followed his method by making my eyes look bigger & rounder, asking for mercy, pity and love ...

Do we look alike ? kekekeke!!

Jojobing commented that I look just like a fluffy toy . CUTE , FURRY & COMFY !!
That is why she likes to grab photos of me...she even came to the extent of laying flat on the floor just to grab the cutest post of mine !! Muahaha...
Blek !

Do I look like a furball ?

21 May 2009


Gross ? ( Before the Henna cream dried)

After the henna cream dried and peeled off..

Nice or not ? I got it in a place you might not have thought of .

Before that , I want to make a clarification :-

The ring in my middle finger is plainly an accessory ! I am not married nor engaged ! I will tell the whole world if I am getting married...!

U wan to know where I got lukis-ed on ?? Of course you can . I got it F.O.C. in a Career & Entrepreneur Fair held in PWTC from the 15th - 17th May 2009.

Ah Ai & I . M not sure Y she put a PEACE sign on her shoulder!

I went there with this young lady. WAAA..People mountain people sea leh..There were so many humans..as if some free stuff were given for free...got lah - Brochures loh !!

There are different sections for different industries.. ICT, Engineering, Logistics, Edu & Training and etc.

Partial view of the hall

I did not look at each and everyone of these booths..cuz im wearing a freakingly pain-making shoe. Felt like I walked like an injured person. Lost focus of what I went there for !!

One of the most attractive booths was be KFC. You might even think that they sold KFC there. Unfortunately NO ! They only promote job offers they have for job seekers. I have thought of wanting to join KFC so I can have free supply of KFC everyday !! Too bad, they did not offer jobs for business grads. They wanted service crews and cashiers ...sobs ...

These people must have thought they give out free food !!

After finish ' sapu' the lower floor, both of us went upstairs where the entrepreneur fair was held. I got the Henna drawings there loh....There quite a lot of booths there too. We left the hall after scanning through what all these stalls sold. ( Most of them are Malaysian made products such as food, apparel etc. )

I get to find a job or not ? How would I know? I did apply for a few ones lah...



I do not know why it took these people so long to get things fixed.
The water dispenser is still in the same situation , which is OUT OF ORDER !!
Yesterday, it was worse !! See- lah..it has been stripped NAKED by the technician. When I went over to the pantry, the culprit was nowhere to be seen.
The dispenser with it's protective cover off !! means NAKED!!
Maybe they want us staff to operate it manually as if we are expected to know engineering or technical stuff since we work in an IT company..apa-lah !!
Wait..wait...I think I heard some aunties in the office yelled "Let's go take some water !! " That thing shud be fixed dy..I go take a look..Cheers !

20 May 2009

I Did Not Forget You Guys !!

I discovered that I talk less about the people around me in my blog. Don't worry guys, your turn will come soon. I did not forget bout you. You are still FRESH in my mind...Once I get a hold of where your photos are hidden , u will get to see yourself !!

Shall I write about each one of you, one person one post ? Though I don't have much frenz, i think the list will still be endless. Hehehehe !!

I will 'korek' the photos out a.s.a.p. !!

Kampar people : If you have any photos of high school or anything...please inform me.
Selangor people : Please do tell me also aaaa...
Chu Pang Gau Yau : U are always included. OK ! Dun worry ..your turn will come very soon.
Yima,Ku Je & etc. : If you want me to talk about you, no worries !!

U juz wait ya ! Arigatou Gozaimasu !!

19 May 2009

A Newbie in Town

I have a new neighbour, a newbie in my department. His name is Nicholas. A senior took the newbie on a parade around my dept introducing who these people are.

I don't lie one ok..That is his name
That's his place loh
Then he went to 3 different levels to get 3 things done:-

1. To get his IBM Tag
He will get one just like mine. I looked retarded here !!
2. To get the keys to his workdesk
3. To get himself a laptop for work + register himself to get a personal email address + phone

I have gone thru all these processes also on my first day of work. He is better than me lah as his immediate senior treated him way better. I was out of luck on my first day of work, my immediate manager was on emergency leave whereby another senior manager had to come pick this poor little kitten (me-lah) from the reception after waiting for 2 hours.
Back to the newbie story...

I got a BIG SHOCK after I glanced over to Nicholas's table. He was supplied with new STATIONERIES by the senior.It seems she has requested the dept secretary to give him the necessary supplies.

Y am I SHOCKED ? Cuz I did not get them when I first came. Like I said, my immediate manager was on leave for 2-3days.The senior manager was too busy to pamper me also.

These are what he got :

1. New stapler ( Me : I borrowed from my colleague)
2. New stapler bullets ( Me : depends if my colleague has the supply or not)
3. Highlighters ( Me : used to borrow from my colleague. Now, I brought one from
4. Pen ( Me: also brought from home )
5. Notebook ( Me: I got that at the beginning of the year. Everyone in this dept got
6. The orange string thingy ( Me: Everyone in my dept also got that last quarter.)
7. Pendrive (Me: Did not get it o my first day. Got that last quarter together with
Nobody even told me that I can request for stationeries until my beloved colleague/fren told me that. It seems that she also faced the same fate as mine.
That's all I wanna tok about for now...

*Nicholas, if u ever read this, I am neither mad nor jealous. I just wanted to express how silly I was not knowing that the company actually supplied the newbies with stationeries lah. & also hoh, Y my seniors @ manager did not ask for me la...

18 May 2009

Post Labour Day Surprise

This is my office pantry. Yes , I admit that I am lucky enuf to have a pantry of this size. We even get to use the fridge and 2 microwaves (1 for halal food n the other for non-halal food)!!

These paper cups are supplied by Nestle I assume. There is also a hand sanitizer for the staff. The smell of this thing makes you feel like you are in a hospital, undergoing a treatment soon. eewwwee..But i still use it for the sake of preventing myself from the ever spreading A H1N1 flu.

You want some milo ? Teh Tarik, coffee or even Lemon Tea ?You can have them when you visit IBM but they are not FREE OF CHARGE anymore.

U can see lah...my company hoh...they provided us staff with a GIANT vending machine. When I first joined, the machine charged us nothing (RM 0.00) for a cup of drink & you can drink as much as you want.

The Big Vending Machine (by Nestle)

HOWEVER, all staff had a POST LABOUR DAY surprise by the company. There were extra stickers n price on each drink in the machine.We have to pay the drinks for ourselves ady. It seems that the company no longer pays for vending machine expenses.

I dunno why Milo is 10cents more than coffee or tea

Then the number of people goin for the vending machine dropped tremendously..They started buying 3 in 1s coffee or milo or tea powders to make their own drinks.Where we get our water supply? From the water dispenser in the pantry lah !!

After a week or two like that, we , people in my level...had another cruel twist of fate..THE WATER DISPENSER BROKE DOWN!! People must have been using it too much eversince the vending machine started charging us money.

Now, no more drinking water..aiyo.!! To kill our thirst, these people including me go to other levels to get our water supply.It has been like this for a week dy lah.

I do hope if the technicians managed to save the poor water dispenser or not..

* P/S - A note to the vending machine : Don't worry ! I will still use your service as long as I have coins.

17 May 2009


What is Pastis?
It's not the Malay word 'pasti' add 's'...
It is the place where I had tea with my mommi, sis, Aunt JJ & Sis Na after shopping around Mid Valley & The Gardens last weekend.

Where is this Pastis ?
Right in front of Isetan (level G) at The Gardens.It is located at the open space ler. If you look directly up from the table which we sat, the view will look like this:

Nice View !!

Since there were 5 of us, we ordered 2 High Tea Sets where each set was meant for 2 humans. Since there seems to be a number of pastries shown in the menu, the amount should be more than enough for 5 people. My sis ordered an extra drink for herself ler ..the rest of use either had ' Oriental Green tea with Rose' or 'English Breakfast tea' which comes with a cookie. The cookie is a good combination with the tea. I took the green tea ( quite fragrant ) not like BOH GreenTea..!!

The Tea Set

it's called Larva sth sth ...

Then the High Tea combo came. WOW!! Shocked at the amount!! This is really HIGH TEA. Since we ordered 2 sets, the waiters provided us with various kinds of pastries.

The casing is taller then me ( when Im sitting down lah !! )

* You can see somebody busy digging her handbag. That's not me, not my sis nor my mum.

That's Sis Na ! I think she also prefers to stay anonymous !!

There were salmon sandwiches, ham & cheese sandwiches, scones with 3 types of toppings, Cheese cake, muffins,chocolate cake and even a few CHOCOLATES...ITADAKIMASU !! We started digging in!!

Scones with 3 toppings! Jam, Cream and Mango Pudding ( I suppose )

Blueberry Muffin & Cheese Cake !! U can see the mango pudding in the cup below

Muffin & Chocolate Cake ! The cake was really rich with chocolate !

Salmon Sandwich & 'Gwai Lou Egg Tart' - It's saltish anyway, not sweet!!

In the end, we had to TAPAU since we cannot finish all.kekeke...Gave them to my papa n Kak Supin..who stayed behind in the house !!