08 June 2009

Meaning of my own name

Recently, I came across a website ( www.babynames.com )which I have gone to a long long time ago. This website hoh, is actually a place for mothers and fathers -to-be to look out for a suitable Christian / English name for their child.

Hey Hey...IM NOT GOING TO BE A MOTHER YET !! Wait and finish reading first...!!

Each name you find in this website has its own historical meaning and origin. I, out of curiosity typed my own name to test out.

I don't even understand what my name means.

Does it mean that the number of God will increase ? Or the power of God will increase?

As usual, people will try out other people's name-lah..just to see what are the meaning of their names...

The pleasant ones

Weird & Funny Ones

Go try out and see what is the meaning of your name. Remember, choose your future son & daughter's name wisely ....hahaha !!

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