29 October 2009

Kampar Wedding Dinner (Round 2)

See see...since my trip to KK on the 9th Oct til now also I have not uploaded my post bout that trip...

Until Sis Mel's second round of wedding dinner which was held in Kampar ...(that's 2 weeks later after the trip) I also belum boleh post up those pics...sobs .

Y ? The internet is giving hell of a time again. When i dun wanna use it, the speed was splendid!! When I wanna use it, the speed was worse than a tortoise's movements.GOSH !!

Anyway, I will these are some of the pictures taken by my dear Aunty Kat during the 2nd round of wedding dinner in Kampar at Jia Restaurant !!

Im not the one on the baby chair !! Spot me ?

Bride n Groom with Bride's papa n frenz

One young guy showing off his tiny bags..keke !!

After that wedding dinner, my family headed home loh...cuz I have to study for Japanese exams 2 days later . sobs !!

27 October 2009

Straw Eating FISH !!

As I was enjoying my trip in Kota Kinabalu like 2 weeks ago, I came across something really weird.

I was on the street with my parents, Aunt JJ, Martin and Sis Marina, busily gulping down coconut juice out of thirst until I saw that odd sight of a FISH BITING some STRAWS...

YES !! STRAWS...and it is true...I saw it with my own eyes.

Without much hesitation, I took out my aunt's cam and got a snapshot of it...

WHAT !! Feel like wanna beat me up ? Hahaha...
Juz joking only la...cannot accept jokes meh...

Maybe I got drunk from drinking too much of COCONUT WATER or maybe I got pening-pening after exposing myself to the intensed heat that day ....


22 October 2009

It seems like it

I don't know what happened to me this year(2009)....
It seems like I did not attend most activities or outing with my hometown friends which I used to be actively in.

What made me say that ?
I find that I did not attend gatherings held by frenz espcially hometown friends.
I looked into some of their blogs and also pictures posted in FACEBOOK.
- I missed out Neoh's graduation
- I missed out Pui Yee's graduation
- I did not manage to attend many YUMCHA outings with you guys back in hometown
- Worse still, I din even show up during the Raya BBQ organised by you guys...sobs..
- Of course, I have turned down Ms April W's invitations to go galavanting in KL as well

What have I been up to then ? What made me sound like someone so busy???
After analysing much, there seems to be ONE crucial reason as to why I failed to show up in
so many gatherings and that is " CLAsH oF TiMe!!" .

My parents have been actively visiting me and my sis in PJ. Well of course, coincidentally my dad has to attend some meetings held by the company's HQ in which he is working in. SO...when they come out , I seldom go back to Kampar of course. Then...I mah cannot see you all-loh...

Anyway, the main point is I was a bit disappointed that things came out like this.
Sorry for being a "M.I.A." friend..hehe.I don't know how important I am to you or if you still remember me..but I will remember you!!

* Sorry to Wei Chong, Engchi, Nobita and etc. I know I did not attend your graduations as well. Paiseh...
* M.I.A = Missing In Action

16 October 2009

KK Trip 2009 (Part 1) - The Wedding

Ya ya ya ..like what I mentioned, I went to Kota Kinabalu. Here are the details :-

Venue : Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Date : 9th Oct - 13th Oct 2009
Transport : Swim there ..juz kiddin. By Air Asia.
Purpose of visit : To attend cousin Melinda's wedding ceremony.
( Kampar humans, this is your beloved Mr & Mrs Peter Chan's youngest
daughter's wedding )
No. of relatives & frenz that flew there : around 40 humans
Accomodation : Marina Court Apartments (under the management of Promenade Hotel)

OK ? Can catch up ?

Morning of Wedding Day ( Sat 10/10/09)
The groom came to fetch his bride in a sexy Fairlady. Seems like no pranks were made on the groom as there's a church ceremony to attend.

Here I come...so Gaan Jeung !!

OK !! Time to get to the church

All 9 other HING DAIs of the groom waited & headed to the church together. Relatives from Peninsular Malaysia followed his HING DAIs' cars.

That's the altar of the church..

At 10.10am on 10/10/09.....
Peter Chan aka my uncle brought his daughter to the altar where the groom was seen to be waiting feverishly…

10th Oct 2009

Marked a memorable day

From Miss Chan to Mrs Wong

Her status changed....

Down the isle she walked

Accompanied by daddy dearest

To the hands of the groom

Standing at the other end

Vows made

Wedding rings exchanged

Their status became

Husband and Wife...

May both of you (Mr & Mrs Wong) have a happy and blessed life. Congrats !!

15 October 2009


Back from a holiday laaahhh...Where I went to ? Hahaha...wait for the coming post la..will try to post it as soon as possible looo..

I miss posting pictures onto my blog...
I miss typing here n there....
I miss typing and expressing some gila gila stuff...huhuhu.

Gotta go !! Chao.

07 October 2009

Graduation 2008

I was looking through the folders until I came across these photos...It was my graduation's photo that took plave a year ago but i wud like to share it out loh.

People put in their facebook or friendster but I want to put in my blog ma...

That was one of the most important days I had so far. It was juz a ceremony but it meant a lot to me. It made me think through the ups and downs I have been through when I was still a student.

22 November 2008: The BIG Day

With my beloved sis...

Family Photo...

My Godma@Aunt from Kampar !!

Lovely cousin sis
Dun wanna reveal her name for privacy purposes ..keke
Last but not least, the JI MUI gang that came.
Love them to bits...

Actually later that night, I attended a graduation and college anniversary dinner one but I forgot which pendrive I kept the photos in...give me some time to search for it ...!!

Will get back to you soon ...Tata !!

01 October 2009

Hanging Breakfast of Seapark...

This is one of a kind and I don't think anyone would have thought of this method...
Where was it hanging at ?
On the fan!! Haha...
One night, I bought some breakfast for the next day. It was not nasi lemak or nasi goreng or even asam laksa lah...it was just some KUIH from a stall in SS2's Wai Sek Gai...

Yes ...these are breakfast supply for my sis & I

Pink one : I dunno it's name-lah...

Green one: "Ma Lai Kou" = Malay Kuih with some Kaya in the middle

The weather was hot and the ants in my house were sensitive creatures...I cannot simply put FOOD especially sweet ones even on the table...SO I came out with this idea lor....

It will take the ants a thousand years to reach this place..hahaha..

Children, do not try this at home while you have your fan switched on !! Or your fan will rosak teruk .....kekekeke (Never tried and tested lah)