29 April 2010

Birthdays in April 2010

April is really a busy month for me as there are approximately 5 birthday celebrations which I attended...

First is Ms Wong's Bday, followed by Ellie's Bday, Ah Beng's Bday,Issac's Bday and last but not least. Lil Nigel's Bday !! Hahaha..

Ellie's Bday celebration ...she's my colleague la..

Birthday Boy Issac ...
Family photo...kekeke
~The Birthday Cake~

Issac's Birthday was celebrated in Teluk Gong where we took dinner at one of the restaurants...We did not do much but hoped he had a great time!! Even the restaurant waiters sang birthday song together with us ...hehe..N we have a curious passerby watching our every move ?? Stalker ?? NO lah..

The passer-by..
The next day, I attended Nigel's Birthday party. He is 20 years younger than Mr Issac...Muhaha. 

The birthday boy,Nigel - in chequered shirt!! 
Sorry !! I only have this photo of you right now .. 

His Birthday Cake/Muffins were so nice ...
His fave characters...Transformers...hehe
That's Bumblebee & Optimus Prime ...woohoo!!

They got a Western Food caterer to prepare the food ...
What Mr Caterer cooked:

Pasta, Spaghetti and of course with sauces like White Sauce & Brown Beef Sauce...Yum Yum !!

Western Roast / Grilled Pork ...The meat were juicyyyy...
Chicken wrapped with bacon...this is also one nice dish ...!!

There were a few more dishes which I forgot to take pictures of cuz I was HUNGRY ....so I was busy munching down the food ...Paiseh !!

There were:-
Grilled Garoupa Fish - really nice !!
Mashed Potato
Fried Breaded Potato

Nigel's mummy also prepared some nicey , cutey food too:

Toasted Bread with butter in shapes of Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty & POOH ...

Soya bean with mixed fruits agar-agar !! Cute ...cute..cute...!! :p

That's all folks !! 

27 April 2010

Korean Food venture @ Korean Village ( 110410-Ms Wong's Bday)

Hahaha...I admit. I like to eat Korean food ...cannot meh ??

This venture took place during Ms Wong's Bday lah....
Jackie, Mei Wan and myself came out with Ms Wong to have a fun-filled day cuz it was whose birthday again ? Yeeesss...It's Ms Wong's one.

Well, we started our day by having lunch at Cheras Leisure Mall before heading off to Neway for a "Voice Cracking Session" that lasted until 6 pm ??
singers wannabe ...kekeke

Haaa...only after that we headed to Korean Village ...wohoooo!!
I couldn't recall the name of the restaurant we went to ...it was sth sounded like 
"Kang Sa Ne" 

Without further ado, I show you what we ate and some funny funny expressions I managed to capture...kakaka

Ddobokki (Rice Cake) - Nicceeee...

Before n After versions of the juicy meat ---sluurrrpp
Some vege to wrap the BBQ-ed meat ...
Y eat like that ? Ask the Koreans lah...

Side Dishes :
Other side dishes...

While waiting for the food to be served....we took some shots with Ms Wong ....

OK...I just show the best shot lah !!

Sumthing I discovered ....
She was eye-ing on a dish !! 

This one must have been eye-ing on some leng chai !!

This one ??? My camera giving you all a BLUR Vision of the outlook of where we ate-loh !! 
U imagine how it looked like lah ...

I HOPE MISS WONG had an enjoyable day !! Of course I was happy lah cuz I got to eat maaa...
"FAT DIE ME !!" sobs ...

19 April 2010

Lizards Termination Tactic

"I despise Lizards....they rummage through rubbish bins lah...not afraid of humans...they shit around the place...n they are scary looking ..." by Jojobing, Facebook

Yes. I do not like them....they are Cold-Blooded reptiles!! They scare me like nobody's business and yet they just love to come to my house in PJ...

I wonder what do they like so much about my house ...as if the rubbish in the bins of other houses are not yummy enough !! I tried to keep things tidy n clean as they are but to no avail !! 

Partly because the kitchen windows stay open 24/7 !! Should I just admit that they are a bit too hard to be closed ?? Dun care-lah !! 

I have found this way almost a year ago, hoping that I can reduce the amount of this pest visiting my house !! 
TADAA !! Cockroach & Lizard Glue Trap....

Brand : Family ( Main office in IPOH leh )

Place more cockroach & lizard trapper for better result ???
Then I mah have to buy more ...means better business for this company  loh ???

That's the area where these sticky-beings like to hang around !

Oh yeah!! Before that, u have to take out one of these trap and fold it into a 'hut'...
Yes loh, one box has 5 traps n 5 baits....

Fold ...fold ...fold...add bait ...put at the place where lizards like to hang around ...
Be patient at least give them a night's time lah to go into the trap....

* You can always put in additional bait maaa...like a TINY BIT of :-
- Pau Skin
- sugarless biscuit crumbs ( if u put sugar u mah attract more pests loh- i meant ants )
- bread crumbs
- keropok 

Results : The next day !! 

Jaaang !!!!

Yes, there's only one ....I think the most I managed to capture was a max of 2 lizzies...(good! now they even have nicknames ).
I think hoh, there won't be more than 2 lizards in one trap as the TRAPPED LIZZY must have warned the others not to get trapped like it did...that's y the rest did not get tricked !! 

Conclusion : Lizards have brains...They use their brain well !!
                           Not necessary to buy "Ridsect" brand which is RM 1-2 more expensive  
                           than the one Im using !!

17 April 2010

Ms Wong's Bday countdown @ Velvet/ Phuture, Zouk

This is not LIME JUICE... It looked like one but it is not !! 
What is it then ?? N also what are those in cute cups and a slice of lemon on top of each ??

The lime juice lookalike is Lime Vodka...the other 2 small ones are Tequilas while the 2 tall ones are obviously BEER...They are alcoholic booze...Dun worry...I did not gulp down all of them...They were shared among a few people including me myself lah...

Explanation on what was goin on:-
This is Velvet - Zouk at 10/04/2010
Came here with Ms Wong n friends right after dinner at 7ate9.

Obviously is a girls' day out !! 


Duet snap shot with the Birthday Gal !!
* The DJ at the back JUZ loved Justin Timberlake's songs !!

The final shot ...
Who's that guy ??
He was the camera man throughout the time !! He is also Ms. Wong's friend-la...

Conclusion: Ms Wong enjoyed herself that night !! So was I and her friends, too !!
Happy Belated Birthday to you, gal !!

14 April 2010

7 ate 9 Then ???

My previous outing with Ms Wong passed quickly and it was a week later we meet again...on a Saturday evening...She had an outing with her colleagues to celebrate her BIRTHDAY (be-earlied) and so I was invited along...teehehehee...

After much discussion and turning around KL , we all ended up in 7ate9. As explained, this restaurant bar supposed to be one of the "happening" place in KL. The upper floor is for dine in while the lower one is a bar.

I quite like this place as the interior designs are innovative and the environment was fun !! 

Jojobing only managed to get a few snapshots of the upper floor-loh....No pics on lower floor for you. 

Without Flash ....
With flash ....
Upper floor view from the place where I sat....

We sat in a room - with a few bigger tables -n it might be able to accomodate 40-50 people ??

Ms Wong was busy explaining sth .....
Cheers to the Birthday Gal...

U must be wondering how come there are no pics on food ?? 
Well, I din feel it that night ...

Dun get misunderstood !! Both the taste and garnishing of the food we ordered were all GOOD !! 

Both Ms Wong and I shared Seafood Linguini & also Promery Chicken...
Both of us agree that the dishes were YUMMY !!

Birthday Song time...woohoo !!

In the pic, you can see 3 towers standing from far away...
They were FRIED Forrero Rocher wrapped in Wantan skin..

Anticipating my beautiful voice...muhahaa

I wish ....I wishh....errmmm...( wishing hard man)

Family Photo.....

For your info, I just found out that 7ate9 is under the same management as Souled Out
Wanna see more of 789, check out here.