30 December 2009

Happy New Year !!

To all the people whom I know and also those whom i have never met before...

Happy New Year to you !!
It is good that a new year has finally come...BUUUTT BUUTT BUTT..

it is also sad to accept the fact that I will be a year older loooo(If I count my age by year-lah. If month wise, it is still a long way to go)...hehehe

Besides that, we are also one more year closer to 2012.

Talking bout this movie aaa..hmmm..I have watched it liao. Do you believe something similar might happen when the time comes ?

23 December 2009

Someone's birthday present !!

This young lady's birthday has passed for NGAM NGAM one month !! Now only I wanna post up what I bought for her...kakaka

It's her ever favourite POOH's blanket ..ngehehehe !! That piece of blankie is quite big and soft and worth the price...it's cheap lah..not expensive looo...

Look how Pooh was acting cute & shy in that blankie knowing that I will take a picture of him ...!!

The person hiding behind the blankie showed me a WIDE grin cuz it's her 21st Birthday Present loh..

What !! You think it's weird that I bought sth like that for a sister's 21st birthday ?? Dun expect me to buy a gold key for her-lah. What's the use of it wor ? At least she get to hug n use the blankie everyday what ...hehe.

OKOK I admit..i did not have the capability to get her sth more expensive that time..So SIS...I owe you one first lah!!

13 December 2009

Street food ?

This cafe's name is called "The Street Cafe". It's not exactly located by the roadside or by the streets like those hawker stalls as it's name meant. The owner gave his/her restaurant such a name just to imply that he/she is selling Korean street food.

True enough !! Most of the food they sell are those which I have never seen in a Korean restaurant. The delightful thing is that The Street Cafe do sell Ddobokki !! Woo hoo...!!

No BBQ pork ....no BBQ beef nor chicken....No Sam Gae Tang (chicken ginseng soup)..no Bulgogi.....

My sis n I being Korean Food frenzy, of course went to try out the food looo...

This nasi was nice...they put it in a GOLD container...

looks delicious ......!!

This one has some korean noodle & ddobokki on it...
The one I selected was too spicy for me as Im not a spicy flavor lover...

The stick of giant satay look-a-like was mouth watering. made me craved for more!!

Try it out !! It tasted nice for me...I dunno bout you until you go try it out yourself looo...
Wait, I seem to have missed out something in this post...let me see...hmmm..
OOOOO...i know aledi...!! OKOK..there are 2 places where you can find this mini cafe la..

1. Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid - you get go enjoy the view of Sunway Lagoon if you are lucky enuf to get a seat by the window. This cafe is smaller in size...

2. One of the shop lots behind Asia Cafe, Subang.
- The size of the shop is bigger than the one in Sunway. It occupies 2 floors...

That's all i suppose. Remind me if I missed out anything ...

08 December 2009

I Did It !! Did you ?

Hooray...Jingle bells , jingle bells...jingle all the way....Xmas is juz around the corner and I am halfway done with my Xmas shopping . Have you ?

Present wrapping time for me looo..

I suppose people all various races can feel the holiday and Xmas mood as Xmas is suppose to be a joyous month where people get to exchange presents they bought.

Families and frenz feel the fun of decorating Xmas trees and wrapping presents together...Fun HOH ? You feel the warmth and love over flowing RIGHT ???

What about the needy children ?

I am referring to students who can't afford to buy themselves stationeries and uniforms to attend school classes. These children includes orphans and those who are in dire need for financial assistance to continue schooling when the new school year starts in 2010.

Just a day ago, I participated in Educare program is jointly organised by Sri Jayanti Association & Yayasan Maha Karuna , assisted by Parkson as an annual event. This prog will be able to aid children who don't have the privelege to enjoy proper school life.

You can get them any school items such as stationeries, exercise books, school uniforms, shoes and bags...n then juz chuck them in the BIN prepared by Parkson loh....

What I bought may not be much..I guess I will be able to help out a few children...

This is the bin where I put in the stationeries I bought !!

Why don't you be a Santa Claus to them at least for once ?
I did it !! Did you ?

07 December 2009

Sad...i thought i wanna upload some photos here in a new post but my thumb drive which stores everything is missing....

Have u seen it ?

My trip photos are all in there leh....somemore, some documents as well..
I hope I did leave it in the office....but i have a feeling I did not...
If not, I must have dropped it somewhere in Sunway Pyramid.

By the way, it's name is Pinky...so it might appear in front of you if you call "Pinky "

04 December 2009

I Hate My House Internet Line....

It is unacceptable for me as the internet line in this house is remarkably slow even though Im using the cable to get connected.

Such occurence really annoyed me to the max at times ...even i wanna upload some photos to make a new post also tak boleh...a silly message will pop out and said WEB PAGE NOT AVAILABLE !!
Gila ....

Is it not the line's fault ? is it because of my BELOVED laptop's fault??

When i have time to update my blog, such problem surfaced....uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!