26 June 2009

Tunnel in my office ...

I was happily taking the lift to my office when my colleague told me that "Our office door is blocked !! We have to use another entrance !!" Luckily we have another entrance to get into the office but we have to take one big round ( passing by all the Japan, Korea,China and etc. financial team) just to get to our own workstation.

You see, the company want to fix the floor and also carpet so it is nicer to walk on. However, during this time, it has
The blue tunnels blocked the DOOR! Can't even see the door already ...
However, during this period many people cannot get the access to the most important places of the company ...the PANTRY & of course the Washroom !! U have no idea how much far it is. I tried to use this way once and i got fed up with it. I did not mind taking the longer way...BUT I have to GO THROUGH other departments just to get to the pantry. I give you an example. You want to go to one place..but you have to go in from the front and out from the back of someone's house just to get there...very 'Nasi' like that...Luckily, we have access to the other washroom of the same level which is not that far away...
The facilities that were blocked include :
- Meeting rooms
- Washroom
- Equipment room (meaning fax & photostat room)
- Main Entrance
- Pantry
For the past week, these blue things were there. I could not hear a sound or see anyone doing anything about it. I guess they work only at night !!

The corridor to the loo was blocked !!

I tell you, these blue things were sealed tightly . No IBM staff can have access into it. Only God knows what was happening inside until one fine day, one of these workers created an opening at one end of these blue tunnels...I could see IBMers started exploring these tunnels to reach another place - the meeting rooms.
Of course I took some snapshots lah...cuz it did look funny to me ..Have u experienced such thing before in the first place ? No mah...I mah took some pictures to remember such odd incident loh..
The opening which...
leads people to the meeting rooms ONLY !
Looked like secret tunnels ...

A Week Later....

they are finally taking it off & I can see the office door dy !!
What is left after they took away the tunnels ?

CATWALK Platforms ...!!
People, you can do your catwalk or dogwalk or any walk here ...they are made for you !!
Ladies , u will feel like you are in Vincci , your beloved shoe heaven....you can hear footsteps allll the time ..Cheers!!


  1. Your office toll need to pay toll or not ? lol..


  2. No lah. no need to pay toll one. Cos this is just a tunnel made for war purposes ..kekeke