24 September 2009

My Work Desk

I don't think I have shown people how my new workplace looks like...

This is just a view from my desk..the partitions are really high

It is not that big !! However, the place I was assigned to sit and lurk around from 8.30-6.00 every weekday is cozy ...though not that personal. Everyone has to pass by my place in order to get to the front door. So a lot of them must have dropped tonnes of BULU KAKI around my place...ish ish ish..

My Own Corner

Luckily the table is big enough for all my stuff !!

Where does my Boss sit ? In a room of course...

THE ROOM !! Located on my left (meaning: blocked by partitions)

Stationeries : Fully Sponsored by COMPANY !! NOT by myself ...at last


Sorry-la..I may sound like I came from a Kampung..but what to do ? I did not have the chance to enjoy such privileges last time (cuz noone told me so!!)

Summary of workplace : So far so good...!! Haha

22 September 2009

Cendol and ABC

Right now, I am not thirsty ...but I feel like I want to gulp down some Chendol or even Ais Kacang (some say ABC) from one particular stall in Kampar. This stall owner has been operating his business with his wife for at least the past 15 years...

Where ? It's one of the stalls nearby the bus station ler. These stalls used to do business right next to the bus station before they got relocated behind the shophouses opposite Minat supermarket, which is still nearby the bus station..hehe
The row of stalls where the chendol man is located at ...!!
The particular stall which Im talking about !!
Cannot see the owner's face aaa?? Wait wait wait ..
This is the best shot I can get !! Recognise him and BONG CHAN him ...
This place sells the best Chendol I have ever tasted so far.The taste beats even the ones from Melaka, PJ or anywhere else..hehehe.The ABC is also good..

Chendol :The combination formulae was great ...

ABC: A mixture of colourful ingredients surely increase one's appetite !!

Uhuhuhu...when can I get to drink ....I wanna go back hometown...!!

18 September 2009

Souvenir from Prai

One fine day, my boss told me that he has scheduled to take me to Prai for a plant visiting day on Wednesday, 15th Sept. We went there on Tuesday late morning as there were some praying ceremony going on in Prai plant...This means that I have to put up a night at the hotel which our company has corporate rate with , n that's Sunway Seberang Prai.

On Tuesday, we reached there around 3pm. I stayed in the Prai office to get some stuff done. Dinner and then checked into our own room.

Next morning, my boss took me to the plant and passed me to another plant manager to bring me jalan jalan around the steel making plant. Before that, I am needed to wear a few things to ensure my safety during the tour.

Safety Helmet

Face Mask

Safety Boots

After that the tour started. I get to see the machines and the processes that produce and reform steel products and etc....

The souvenirs I got from this trip is not a STEELBAR from the factory la. What am i supposed to do with it ?

This are my F.O.C. souvenirs

Cenderahati 1: Blister on above my right heel .

Actually, this one bleed a bit ...u cannot see aaa..sorry lah !! The photo was indeed a bit dim.The wound is right above the anklet.

Cenderahati 2: A wound on my left leg as well

Nice leh...Want a closer view ? Look below ...hahaha

What happened actually ?

NO. Noone tortured me..I did not expect to wear a safety boot during the plant tour SO I did not have any socks with me. Then the safety boots made out of hard leather did all these to me...

Ex St John members , do u have any suggestions what I shud do ? In my first aid box, I only have a tube of EXPIRED Burnol and some plasters...hahahaha

16 September 2009

Birthday Wish !!

Aiya....I get sad when my birthday comes...It is just the starting of an age older than before...

You really wanna know my age meh ? Aiya...no need lah as long as you know Im not 18 or 22...

Anyway, I have a birthday wish to make !! WAIT WAIT WAIT...No cake mana boleh make a wish...

I WISH...I WISH...ermm.....

I will stay young and youthful at this age forever..hahaha

13 September 2009

Meiji Panda Cookies

I was walking around Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid with my sis until we passed by Shojikiya. There was a small notice sticked onto the glass wall stating that they are having a promotion now for Meiji's Hello Panda cookies.
I asked my sis if she wants to buy a box back or not since both of us loved Hello Panda...She said YES since the shop was selling for RM11.90 perbox only !
Woooaahhh!! You may think it is expensive to get a box of cookies for that price. However, I can assure you that it is worth it. There are 10 small packets inside a big box-lah...If you want to get one small packet only, YOU CAN !! N it costs around RM2.90-RM3.00.
Y is the price higher than other normal cookies ? It is BECAUSE :
1. Import from Japan
2. Have really yummy fillings ( Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry)
- I personally like Chocolate more than the others cuz the filling just melt into your mouth
One of the Flavours
Cute shapes !!
Yummy chocolate fiiling...
U want to try it ? Go to Supermarkets that sells Japanese products and Im sure you'll be able to find a box yourself..If not, you mah go to look for it in Shojikiya loh..
If you are lucky...you may even get a Panda keychain inside tha box. If you press the stomach of the panda hard...you'll experience how scary a panda looks like with glowing cheeks while saying " mmmuaks !! I LOVE U". Nightmare !! Hahaha..

muuuaks !! I LOVE U !

10 September 2009

It is 12.53 am and I am STILL awake...I wanna sleep but guilt crept up in me if I dun try to jot down sth here...

I must be crazy...!!

NO - lah...I feel a bit full so I thought of sitting a while before I jump to bed !!

Then let me start to kacau u people with a few cuestions..After that, I will go to have a date with Zhao Goong ( Sleeping God)...

1. How do you find my blog ? Anything which u are not satisfied with ?

2. Any suggestions on what else I shud post ? Any ideas are welcomed. However, it will be up
to me to decide of I want to take up your idea.

3. If you have a chance to rear any animal as pet, which are the 3 animals of your choice ?
( eg : I will choose to have a tiger, polar bear and panda )

4. Do you have any idea what color shud I use for my blog's background ?...I wanna change the
brown-lah. It sucks !!

That's all folks..Im now yawning already...nitez..

09 September 2009

Penjaga Kereta


This is another member of my family in Sea Park. She is the guardian angel of Si Comot !!


Si Comot is my beloved car lah. I will not show you how Si Comot looks like...later u envy the cuteness of Si Comot so much until u Beh Song liao...

The main thing Im talking about here is Ah Pui, that is Si Comot's guardian...

Ah Pui is one cute being...it always smile in front of you and it never show you a sad face...
When I am too bored waiting in the jam ....or waiting for my sis to come out of college, I will look at Ah Pui and play with it ..She can also be one funny punching bag...you poke her, kick her , giver her a few smack...she will return you a smile...an everlasting smile !!

dihukum gantung !!
Ah Pui is a good penjaga kereta. It watches over Si Comot 24 x 7...uwaaa..so loyal..hehehehe

All in all, Ah PUi has been with me for almost a year. Happy Birthday to you !!

* Don't you think Ah Pui's 'legs' or tentacles look like banana ?
* If Ah PUi dun have these banana feet anymore, don't you think that she will look like a

07 September 2009

Weekend outing with her !!

This is SHY Miss Wong (my bestie from hometown)...We went out last Saturday and it was enjoyable to have her around...Missed her a lot though I dunno how to tell her ..paiseh !!

Let your imagination do the job...she is too shy to show you her face !! Kekeke

We met at Mid Valley in the for lunch, dinner and also movies. Of course, another Ms Chan ( aka my sis) was around. Hohoho !! Ms Wong also knows her one lah....all also Kamparians ma!!

Our schedule was organised well since Ms Wong made the plannings. She is a good planner.Hehe!!

The activities we did together :-
around 1.45pm - Lunch at Nando's Chicken

Each person one set of 1/4 chicken meal with 2 sidelines ...SLUURRPP!!
Catching up with what's happening among our good old friends were what we did during lunch... It was nice to get to know how everyone was doing as I dun seem to see them a lot these days !!

3.00pm - Movie at TGV: Laughing Gor - Turning Point
Laughing Gor looked younger in this movie.

The two person that were most stylish in the movie :-
ANTHONY WONG ( a punk like hairstyle with dark eye liner)

FRANCIS NG (Tied Hair like a Samurai )
around 4.30pm : jalan - jalan around The Gardens
5.45pm : Early dinner at Sushi Zanmai (The Gardens)
Soft Shelled Crab Sushi - One of the best sushi I tasted so far !!
Tamago Sushi with sauce on top ...YUMMY !!
Idamame - Micky's (from DBSK) favourite dish...mmmmm!!
This one is called as "..sth sth kami mayo.."
- pardon me for forgetting the names

7.00pm -Movie at TGV : Imagine That (by Eddie Murphy)
A funny movie it is. Eddie murphy played his character well..

The end : Balik Rumah
* You may think that it was a crazy idea to watch 2 movies in one date..Well, it is not sth abnormal in my outings with Miss Wong, as we did watch 2 movies in one outing a few times already.. Maybe you should try it out too...

02 September 2009

Merdeka Honeymoon Treat...


Ho Ho Ho...It was the first time I stepped foot back into One Utama after leaving IBM for a month plus...For people who don't know what has One Utama got to do with IBM, well, IBM is located very very near ( walking distance ) to One Utama Shopping Complex. That's y ....

Due to the recent H1N1, I too , seldom go to these places just as a precaution...Yes..you may say that Im afraid or whatever..

Anyway, my dad was the one who suggested to have a walk in One Utama on the 31st August 2009...We started shopping after lunch and then we stopped by a dessert stall for TEA ?

Honeymoon is the name of the shop-loh !! We ordered desserts of our choice and 2 more extra orders as snacks( from Tong Yuen, i.e. glutionous rice balls to Tau Fu Fa, i.e. beancurd).

That's the MASCOT - I guess I'll name it " BUTT HEAD" cuz I dunno what it represented !!

Here comes our orders...give way for me to show you what we tried out...

Glutionous Rice Ball dipped in crushed peanuts- tested like Mua Chi to me

Purple Rice Tau Fu Fa - not too sweet..it was nice tough !!

Black Sesame Tong Sui with Tau Fu Fa - this one was yummy..
Im goin to order only Black Sesame Tong Sui for my next visit!!

Red Bean Tong Sui with Tau Fu Fa - in the menu it was called as sth else which I couldn't recall. They tried to make it sound SPECIAL & INTERESTING..In the end, it is only RED BEAN..
Well, im not a big fan of RED BEANS- but my mum said it was good !!
Mango Pudding - Mango lovers, you should try this !!
Well, I loved it although Im not a mango fan..

I did not manage to get a picture of what my papa took...well he actually ordered Ginger Milk sth sth...the taste of it did not attract me at all. That's because I dislike ginger...Yucks !! Maybe ginger lovers out there somewhere will love it...
After paying, we left One Utama and headed back to my aunt's house for the day...
* I will definitely pay this place a visit some fine day....maybe when I have enough pocket moneny..ahahahaha....