10 June 2009

A New Life in Mine

I have a new companion with me. This companion is alive and it cannot talk or hear. It does move BUT it moves EXTREMELY slow. I tell you, if you ever wait for it to move aaa,u slowly waitlah...

It is so slow to the extent that u go to the loo to do big business, then go down to drink a cup of coffee and eat a pau and back to the office, this thing still has not move an inch.

A colleague gave it to me and she said that this life is really easy to manage wooo..so I took it ler since I dun have a companion while I work ...

I know-lah...I will show it now loh...Thought I want to give some suspense -mah...ish !!

Im telling you the truth :-
1. It moves towards light source...BUT it is very very very slow
2. It does not talk nor hear..BUT some people do claim that they can still listen
3. It is really easy to manage CUZ i just need to feed it with water in a plastic container.
4. By the way, it helps by absorbing CO2 and release O2 ma...

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