17 February 2009



I have lost something which I cherished most. It is something which my mother gave me and I loved it a lot. Below are the details of my Lost Item :-

Description :Home made Crispy crab stick . Put in a transparent plastic
bottle with a red lid. The bottle was half full when last seen. It
was a CNY delicacy which my mum prepared for me to bring to PJ.
Height : Around 20 cm tall.
Last seen (place) : IBM Malaysia work desk.
Last seen (time/date ) : 5.30 pm , 5th Feb 2009

If found, please contact Ms Jojobing at joe_cwy83@hotmail.com.

Reward for those who finds it :
A thank you email from Jojobing together with a Thank You card .
Your help is most appreciated.
Thank you very much.

02 February 2009

Welcome and Goodbye

I might be a bit late but I would like to wish everyone HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR !!!

I don't think I have any choice but to bid farewell to the Mouse and welcome the Ox...cuz the world still spins around despite my silly wish of stopping the time !!

Welcome to 2009 , Ox...

Goodbye to you 2 famous Mouse ....

Sayonara....Im a year older dy !!! Unbelievable...