13 November 2008

Hopes Down The Drain...

I was getting all ready to start my work early in the morning until I got a phonecall which drives my hope down the drain... All of you may not know what this is all about and Im going to explain it in no time.

I got a phonecall from my college a few weeks back saying that I was one of the candidates to be chosen to present a valedictorian speech during my graduation ceremony on 22nd November 2008. I was excited and prepared a speech for an arranged 'AUDITION' in my college on the 25th Oct 2008. This is the first time I felt like I was trying to grab a title for Malaysian Idol. Instead, I was chasing for a chance to stand on stage and tell people about my experience throughout my study life in Petaling Jaya...

After the audition, I was informed by one of the 'Judges' that I was shortlisted together with another graduate. Every single day, I checked my mails waiting for the reply from the final decision maker in my college.

The day came. I got a phonecall saying that I was not the one. I felt so down all of a sudden, and I was furiously looking for excuses as to why I was not the one? Why they chose the other person? Is it because I did not do good enough? Is it that my speech was not touching enough ? Is it because it has been a tradition that only certain genders can go up on the stage and make a speech ? Is it because I never played an active role in college and I never even joined the student council like the chosen one?

All these came into my mind in one shot...When I became more rational, I thought that I was lucky enough to have a 50/50 chance of being the chosen one to present the valedictorian speech. However, it does not mean that I have presented something not good. Maybe it just did not suit the taste of the judges...

Well, there goes my hope of making my parents proud after they have tried their best in raising me up with their best abilities....

03 November 2008

The Craziest Weekend of 2008

I have a fren
her name is Siau Yen
we had an unexpected weekend
to Melaka we went

Ah Yang, our fren
was the organiser of the event
this idea popped up out of the blue, and
there it is my weekend
in Melaka I spent
With a group of new found frens

Before our journey ends
our stomachs we mend
as it was growling without an end
Yummy Bak Kut Teh we ate
instead of the ones in Klang

This poem down I pen
As it comes out all of a sudden, and
though it may not rhyme the same at the end
But still, I would like to share it with my frens!!

So they can enjoy till the end....