17 May 2009


What is Pastis?
It's not the Malay word 'pasti' add 's'...
It is the place where I had tea with my mommi, sis, Aunt JJ & Sis Na after shopping around Mid Valley & The Gardens last weekend.

Where is this Pastis ?
Right in front of Isetan (level G) at The Gardens.It is located at the open space ler. If you look directly up from the table which we sat, the view will look like this:

Nice View !!

Since there were 5 of us, we ordered 2 High Tea Sets where each set was meant for 2 humans. Since there seems to be a number of pastries shown in the menu, the amount should be more than enough for 5 people. My sis ordered an extra drink for herself ler ..the rest of use either had ' Oriental Green tea with Rose' or 'English Breakfast tea' which comes with a cookie. The cookie is a good combination with the tea. I took the green tea ( quite fragrant ) not like BOH GreenTea..!!

The Tea Set

it's called Larva sth sth ...

Then the High Tea combo came. WOW!! Shocked at the amount!! This is really HIGH TEA. Since we ordered 2 sets, the waiters provided us with various kinds of pastries.

The casing is taller then me ( when Im sitting down lah !! )

* You can see somebody busy digging her handbag. That's not me, not my sis nor my mum.

That's Sis Na ! I think she also prefers to stay anonymous !!

There were salmon sandwiches, ham & cheese sandwiches, scones with 3 types of toppings, Cheese cake, muffins,chocolate cake and even a few CHOCOLATES...ITADAKIMASU !! We started digging in!!

Scones with 3 toppings! Jam, Cream and Mango Pudding ( I suppose )

Blueberry Muffin & Cheese Cake !! U can see the mango pudding in the cup below

Muffin & Chocolate Cake ! The cake was really rich with chocolate !

Salmon Sandwich & 'Gwai Lou Egg Tart' - It's saltish anyway, not sweet!!

In the end, we had to TAPAU since we cannot finish all.kekeke...Gave them to my papa n Kak Supin..who stayed behind in the house !!


  1. Wao,
    look like very nice wo

  2. Khim Hoe, if im not mistaken it shud be around rm40++ a set ....

  3. Maybe u can order sth individually lah..not necessary a set.