31 May 2009


I never liked sandwich. I don't like the fact that people put in raw vege into the bread. Since I do not really fancy vegetables, it will be more difficult for me to take raw ones, esp SANG CHOI ( i.e. Daun Salad ). Eeeww!!
However, I fell in love with HOAGIES. It is located right opposite Arena Foodcourt in One Utama. The sandwiches sold there were a combination of Veitnamese and some Western recipe.
The preferred what ? Sandwich loh...

They don't have like 20 recipes lah..but they do sell around 8-10 types of sandwiches such as :
- Chicken sandwich
- Chicken Chorios sandwich
- Egg sandwich
- Beef sandwich
- Portuegese chicken sandwich ( New ) - tried it & I LOVE IT
- Spicy garlic chicken sandwich (New ) - tried it & I like it ..!!
- Kaya & butter toast ...etc.
Their bread hoh is different. They do not use normal white bread like gardenia ...or even croissant. They use baguette!! I show you a picture lah..
Spicy Garlic Chicken Sandwich
Hoagies also have something called Fusion Roll. It looks like a semi transparent popiah to me..of course the fillings are a bit different also. I don't have the picture lah..next time I show you.
I normally take the Egg sandwich set. Of course you can take in set or ala carte mah...I need to have water when i take my lunch - so I mah order set ler..
Set : Sandwich + Salad ( Potato salad @ Fruit salad )
+ Drink ( Lemon juice @ Soya Bean )
Potato Salad

Fruit Salad

Soya Bean

An almost finished lunch set..

Ok Ok ...that's all for now. I hope these photos do not water your mouth ..


  1. Look like very delicious,
    have to try it :)

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