18 May 2009

Post Labour Day Surprise

This is my office pantry. Yes , I admit that I am lucky enuf to have a pantry of this size. We even get to use the fridge and 2 microwaves (1 for halal food n the other for non-halal food)!!

These paper cups are supplied by Nestle I assume. There is also a hand sanitizer for the staff. The smell of this thing makes you feel like you are in a hospital, undergoing a treatment soon. eewwwee..But i still use it for the sake of preventing myself from the ever spreading A H1N1 flu.

You want some milo ? Teh Tarik, coffee or even Lemon Tea ?You can have them when you visit IBM but they are not FREE OF CHARGE anymore.

U can see lah...my company hoh...they provided us staff with a GIANT vending machine. When I first joined, the machine charged us nothing (RM 0.00) for a cup of drink & you can drink as much as you want.

The Big Vending Machine (by Nestle)

HOWEVER, all staff had a POST LABOUR DAY surprise by the company. There were extra stickers n price on each drink in the machine.We have to pay the drinks for ourselves ady. It seems that the company no longer pays for vending machine expenses.

I dunno why Milo is 10cents more than coffee or tea

Then the number of people goin for the vending machine dropped tremendously..They started buying 3 in 1s coffee or milo or tea powders to make their own drinks.Where we get our water supply? From the water dispenser in the pantry lah !!

After a week or two like that, we , people in my level...had another cruel twist of fate..THE WATER DISPENSER BROKE DOWN!! People must have been using it too much eversince the vending machine started charging us money.

Now, no more drinking water..aiyo.!! To kill our thirst, these people including me go to other levels to get our water supply.It has been like this for a week dy lah.

I do hope if the technicians managed to save the poor water dispenser or not..

* P/S - A note to the vending machine : Don't worry ! I will still use your service as long as I have coins.


  1. lol... i thought u going to say that they going to charge u for the drinking water.... hahaha... my company also same ler... last time the coca cola vending machine only cost RM1, but now RM1.40 >_<

  2. U have coca - cola vending machine ? Thats so cool...but unhealthy lah..keke