26 May 2009

Another day at Sunway Pyramid

Sunday noon was so hot !! The ladies of KK went to Sunway Pyramid to avoid the intense heat that was getting on our nerves.

Restaurant's Full Name
We decided to try out " 3JC" as reccomended by Sis Na. I gave out a loud "OOOO" in my heart when i saw the shop cuz One U also has it. The one in One U did not appeal much to me cuz the location was out of my way.

After we ordered what we wanted, I started taking pics as usual..

A comfortable atmosphere...not the chairs lah
After waiting a while more...the food came...
The ' Specialty Noodle' - Dry Version ( Wet Version mah everything in soup loh )

Comes with 'fish paste' in soup

Pardon me Muslim Frenz , these are non-halal meat
Snacks : Fried Wantan

Fried Fuu Chok

Sambal sauce ( Recommended by me )

U want more photos a ? Aiya ...I was too hungry to think of continuing taking photos loohh..
I was happily gulping down the food to ease my ever demanding stomach...
You want to have a try ? Go to Sunway Pyramid and have a try lah. It is located near the skating ring area. Other than that, you can also try in One Utama, Low Yat Plaza, Centro Klang and etc.
People, there is sth called as the internet. Please go to www.3jc.com.my for more details.

* Muslim friends, a reminder to let u bear in mind that this is a non-halal place ! But surf the website to have a look can-lah ..

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