21 May 2009


Gross ? ( Before the Henna cream dried)

After the henna cream dried and peeled off..

Nice or not ? I got it in a place you might not have thought of .

Before that , I want to make a clarification :-

The ring in my middle finger is plainly an accessory ! I am not married nor engaged ! I will tell the whole world if I am getting married...!

U wan to know where I got lukis-ed on ?? Of course you can . I got it F.O.C. in a Career & Entrepreneur Fair held in PWTC from the 15th - 17th May 2009.

Ah Ai & I . M not sure Y she put a PEACE sign on her shoulder!

I went there with this young lady. WAAA..People mountain people sea leh..There were so many humans..as if some free stuff were given for free...got lah - Brochures loh !!

There are different sections for different industries.. ICT, Engineering, Logistics, Edu & Training and etc.

Partial view of the hall

I did not look at each and everyone of these booths..cuz im wearing a freakingly pain-making shoe. Felt like I walked like an injured person. Lost focus of what I went there for !!

One of the most attractive booths was be KFC. You might even think that they sold KFC there. Unfortunately NO ! They only promote job offers they have for job seekers. I have thought of wanting to join KFC so I can have free supply of KFC everyday !! Too bad, they did not offer jobs for business grads. They wanted service crews and cashiers ...sobs ...

These people must have thought they give out free food !!

After finish ' sapu' the lower floor, both of us went upstairs where the entrepreneur fair was held. I got the Henna drawings there loh....There quite a lot of booths there too. We left the hall after scanning through what all these stalls sold. ( Most of them are Malaysian made products such as food, apparel etc. )

I get to find a job or not ? How would I know? I did apply for a few ones lah...



  1. who else tat likes to kepoh.. hahaMay 22, 2009 at 2:43 AM

    realy the whole world?? then i wil spread it for u.. no worries since u have me... haha

  2. Good luck!!!

    and I like urs Henna!!!