20 May 2009

I Did Not Forget You Guys !!

I discovered that I talk less about the people around me in my blog. Don't worry guys, your turn will come soon. I did not forget bout you. You are still FRESH in my mind...Once I get a hold of where your photos are hidden , u will get to see yourself !!

Shall I write about each one of you, one person one post ? Though I don't have much frenz, i think the list will still be endless. Hehehehe !!

I will 'korek' the photos out a.s.a.p. !!

Kampar people : If you have any photos of high school or anything...please inform me.
Selangor people : Please do tell me also aaaa...
Chu Pang Gau Yau : U are always included. OK ! Dun worry ..your turn will come very soon.
Yima,Ku Je & etc. : If you want me to talk about you, no worries !!

U juz wait ya ! Arigatou Gozaimasu !!