27 May 2009

Im STILL new in this

Im venturing into poetry which I have never done before. I get some ideas whenever I have my music on...So far, I have created a few pathetic ones. This is one of them:-
(I don't have a title for it yet. Can give me some ideas ?)

I have thought about it
I just wanna be with you
You were the best
You were the one

You suited me well
That's what I think
You endured my feelings
with me and only me

I had a hard time
without you by my side
Everytime I see you around
I dunno what to do

I dream about you
night after night
again and again
it is unstopabble

Why did you appear
When im deep in slumber?
I don't want to think bout you
And yet u still appeared

This is a sign
That it is only a dream
A dream that will not come true
In this realistic world

But they seem too real
Can't let it pass
Just like the wind
A passing gale

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