24 May 2009

I am cuter than u thought !!

I admit that I am cute . I don't think anyone else can be cuter than I am. The people around me said that !!

Everyone loved me a lot what . I always show them my best look when i want them to do something for me..Just like what the Puss in Shrek does. I followed his method by making my eyes look bigger & rounder, asking for mercy, pity and love ...

Do we look alike ? kekekeke!!

Jojobing commented that I look just like a fluffy toy . CUTE , FURRY & COMFY !!
That is why she likes to grab photos of me...she even came to the extent of laying flat on the floor just to grab the cutest post of mine !! Muahaha...
Blek !

Do I look like a furball ?

1 comment:

  1. The cat look like very pity wo

    The dog dog is very cute