13 September 2009

Meiji Panda Cookies

I was walking around Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid with my sis until we passed by Shojikiya. There was a small notice sticked onto the glass wall stating that they are having a promotion now for Meiji's Hello Panda cookies.
I asked my sis if she wants to buy a box back or not since both of us loved Hello Panda...She said YES since the shop was selling for RM11.90 perbox only !
Woooaahhh!! You may think it is expensive to get a box of cookies for that price. However, I can assure you that it is worth it. There are 10 small packets inside a big box-lah...If you want to get one small packet only, YOU CAN !! N it costs around RM2.90-RM3.00.
Y is the price higher than other normal cookies ? It is BECAUSE :
1. Import from Japan
2. Have really yummy fillings ( Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry)
- I personally like Chocolate more than the others cuz the filling just melt into your mouth
One of the Flavours
Cute shapes !!
Yummy chocolate fiiling...
U want to try it ? Go to Supermarkets that sells Japanese products and Im sure you'll be able to find a box yourself..If not, you mah go to look for it in Shojikiya loh..
If you are lucky...you may even get a Panda keychain inside tha box. If you press the stomach of the panda hard...you'll experience how scary a panda looks like with glowing cheeks while saying " mmmuaks !! I LOVE U". Nightmare !! Hahaha..

muuuaks !! I LOVE U !


  1. a 2"X" years old of women, also loves this kind of thing...haha

    good marketing strategy!!

  2. i love this too!! the keychain's only available recently?? never got one when i bought last last time pun..

  3. hello jo, i'm a big fan of this panda biscuits...there's a few flavours as well.. u can get it cheaper at desa Park City ( a shop selling all japanese stuffs) ... I usually get from there with a reasonable price..=)
    And truly, it's Y-U-M-M-Y!!!!

  4. Yay..i found fans of this yummylicious cookie..