02 September 2009

Merdeka Honeymoon Treat...


Ho Ho Ho...It was the first time I stepped foot back into One Utama after leaving IBM for a month plus...For people who don't know what has One Utama got to do with IBM, well, IBM is located very very near ( walking distance ) to One Utama Shopping Complex. That's y ....

Due to the recent H1N1, I too , seldom go to these places just as a precaution...Yes..you may say that Im afraid or whatever..

Anyway, my dad was the one who suggested to have a walk in One Utama on the 31st August 2009...We started shopping after lunch and then we stopped by a dessert stall for TEA ?

Honeymoon is the name of the shop-loh !! We ordered desserts of our choice and 2 more extra orders as snacks( from Tong Yuen, i.e. glutionous rice balls to Tau Fu Fa, i.e. beancurd).

That's the MASCOT - I guess I'll name it " BUTT HEAD" cuz I dunno what it represented !!

Here comes our orders...give way for me to show you what we tried out...

Glutionous Rice Ball dipped in crushed peanuts- tested like Mua Chi to me

Purple Rice Tau Fu Fa - not too sweet..it was nice tough !!

Black Sesame Tong Sui with Tau Fu Fa - this one was yummy..
Im goin to order only Black Sesame Tong Sui for my next visit!!

Red Bean Tong Sui with Tau Fu Fa - in the menu it was called as sth else which I couldn't recall. They tried to make it sound SPECIAL & INTERESTING..In the end, it is only RED BEAN..
Well, im not a big fan of RED BEANS- but my mum said it was good !!
Mango Pudding - Mango lovers, you should try this !!
Well, I loved it although Im not a mango fan..

I did not manage to get a picture of what my papa took...well he actually ordered Ginger Milk sth sth...the taste of it did not attract me at all. That's because I dislike ginger...Yucks !! Maybe ginger lovers out there somewhere will love it...
After paying, we left One Utama and headed back to my aunt's house for the day...
* I will definitely pay this place a visit some fine day....maybe when I have enough pocket moneny..ahahahaha....

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