18 September 2009

Souvenir from Prai

One fine day, my boss told me that he has scheduled to take me to Prai for a plant visiting day on Wednesday, 15th Sept. We went there on Tuesday late morning as there were some praying ceremony going on in Prai plant...This means that I have to put up a night at the hotel which our company has corporate rate with , n that's Sunway Seberang Prai.

On Tuesday, we reached there around 3pm. I stayed in the Prai office to get some stuff done. Dinner and then checked into our own room.

Next morning, my boss took me to the plant and passed me to another plant manager to bring me jalan jalan around the steel making plant. Before that, I am needed to wear a few things to ensure my safety during the tour.

Safety Helmet

Face Mask

Safety Boots

After that the tour started. I get to see the machines and the processes that produce and reform steel products and etc....

The souvenirs I got from this trip is not a STEELBAR from the factory la. What am i supposed to do with it ?

This are my F.O.C. souvenirs

Cenderahati 1: Blister on above my right heel .

Actually, this one bleed a bit ...u cannot see aaa..sorry lah !! The photo was indeed a bit dim.The wound is right above the anklet.

Cenderahati 2: A wound on my left leg as well

Nice leh...Want a closer view ? Look below ...hahaha

What happened actually ?

NO. Noone tortured me..I did not expect to wear a safety boot during the plant tour SO I did not have any socks with me. Then the safety boots made out of hard leather did all these to me...

Ex St John members , do u have any suggestions what I shud do ? In my first aid box, I only have a tube of EXPIRED Burnol and some plasters...hahahaha

1 comment:

  1. throw away the BURNOL!

    get some alcohol swab or dettol to clean the wound, put some yellow lotion n plaster it... hope the wound will heal soon!!