10 September 2009

It is 12.53 am and I am STILL awake...I wanna sleep but guilt crept up in me if I dun try to jot down sth here...

I must be crazy...!!

NO - lah...I feel a bit full so I thought of sitting a while before I jump to bed !!

Then let me start to kacau u people with a few cuestions..After that, I will go to have a date with Zhao Goong ( Sleeping God)...

1. How do you find my blog ? Anything which u are not satisfied with ?

2. Any suggestions on what else I shud post ? Any ideas are welcomed. However, it will be up
to me to decide of I want to take up your idea.

3. If you have a chance to rear any animal as pet, which are the 3 animals of your choice ?
( eg : I will choose to have a tiger, polar bear and panda )

4. Do you have any idea what color shud I use for my blog's background ?...I wanna change the
brown-lah. It sucks !!

That's all folks..Im now yawning already...nitez..

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