22 September 2009

Cendol and ABC

Right now, I am not thirsty ...but I feel like I want to gulp down some Chendol or even Ais Kacang (some say ABC) from one particular stall in Kampar. This stall owner has been operating his business with his wife for at least the past 15 years...

Where ? It's one of the stalls nearby the bus station ler. These stalls used to do business right next to the bus station before they got relocated behind the shophouses opposite Minat supermarket, which is still nearby the bus station..hehe
The row of stalls where the chendol man is located at ...!!
The particular stall which Im talking about !!
Cannot see the owner's face aaa?? Wait wait wait ..
This is the best shot I can get !! Recognise him and BONG CHAN him ...
This place sells the best Chendol I have ever tasted so far.The taste beats even the ones from Melaka, PJ or anywhere else..hehehe.The ABC is also good..

Chendol :The combination formulae was great ...

ABC: A mixture of colourful ingredients surely increase one's appetite !!

Uhuhuhu...when can I get to drink ....I wanna go back hometown...!!

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