07 September 2009

Weekend outing with her !!

This is SHY Miss Wong (my bestie from hometown)...We went out last Saturday and it was enjoyable to have her around...Missed her a lot though I dunno how to tell her ..paiseh !!

Let your imagination do the job...she is too shy to show you her face !! Kekeke

We met at Mid Valley in the for lunch, dinner and also movies. Of course, another Ms Chan ( aka my sis) was around. Hohoho !! Ms Wong also knows her one lah....all also Kamparians ma!!

Our schedule was organised well since Ms Wong made the plannings. She is a good planner.Hehe!!

The activities we did together :-
around 1.45pm - Lunch at Nando's Chicken

Each person one set of 1/4 chicken meal with 2 sidelines ...SLUURRPP!!
Catching up with what's happening among our good old friends were what we did during lunch... It was nice to get to know how everyone was doing as I dun seem to see them a lot these days !!

3.00pm - Movie at TGV: Laughing Gor - Turning Point
Laughing Gor looked younger in this movie.

The two person that were most stylish in the movie :-
ANTHONY WONG ( a punk like hairstyle with dark eye liner)

FRANCIS NG (Tied Hair like a Samurai )
around 4.30pm : jalan - jalan around The Gardens
5.45pm : Early dinner at Sushi Zanmai (The Gardens)
Soft Shelled Crab Sushi - One of the best sushi I tasted so far !!
Tamago Sushi with sauce on top ...YUMMY !!
Idamame - Micky's (from DBSK) favourite dish...mmmmm!!
This one is called as "..sth sth kami mayo.."
- pardon me for forgetting the names

7.00pm -Movie at TGV : Imagine That (by Eddie Murphy)
A funny movie it is. Eddie murphy played his character well..

The end : Balik Rumah
* You may think that it was a crazy idea to watch 2 movies in one date..Well, it is not sth abnormal in my outings with Miss Wong, as we did watch 2 movies in one outing a few times already.. Maybe you should try it out too...


  1. I also Miss hanging out with u n miss wong!! huhu.. miss wong got told u anything about me!!?? hahaha...

  2. Miss Wong misses u guys too. now that jackie is working near miss wong and all of us are in kl, next time we can go for our weekend outings together!!!! can't wait!!!