28 July 2009

I am baaaccckkk!!!!

Everyone......I am baaaccckkkkk !!!

All I want to say is .... I MISS MY BLOG SOOOO SOOO MUCH !!!

It has been more than a week or two since I last landed my own blog with a new post.
I have my very own reasons...I list down aaaa....

1. I have been very very busy .....well, I changed my JOB...from IBM to Ann Joo Resources Bhd !! From sales dept to procurement dept.Everyday, I have to read read and read articles to get myself updated with the industry which Ann Joo is in, that is STEEL...

2. This is one of the most drastic reason!! There is no internet connection in my house !!
I was told that it will take around a month to get a new streamyx line...n YES I have waited for more than a month..but I don't get any news yet...Even now, I am sitting like a homeless kid in Starbucks with my sis( because I cannot find any socket at Old Town Kopitiam / Pappa Rich / McDonalds) poking my laptop every now n then as my sis has to use it too.... Im in Starbucks does not mean that I am RICH...just that I have NO CHOICE !!


3. I am even busy with housechores, Japanese class homeworks, go out with frenz whom I have
not met for some time...etc ...

4. I was also busy with IBM's work the week before ...I thought I could have a good rest the day before I start afresh in Ann Joo. However, my ex-boss ( IBM) was in dire need for assistance which I am the only person in Malaysia who knows how to use the bloody website. No choice-loh...help out a bit loh...I am not that cold-hearted one ma...of course she also offered me extra pay for the extra day I contributed my services in IBM...

Well, these are the reasons why I did not even have the time to drop by my beloved BLOG. SOBS !!!

I have to leave dy ...getting late and I need my sleep !! If not, I will be lying on my workdesk like a dead fish the next day !!



  1. Okaeri nasai~ :p
    I have been wondering why no post for a long time...

  2. i MISSED reading your stuff too.

  3. i MISSED reading your updates too. take care.