06 July 2009

A Hidden Garden !!

Sometimes, I feel that working life is a bit boring...Everyday, I have to drag myself up early in the morning to get myself prepared to work. Then , u go to the office and work work work...

Lunch time comes, I go to eat at One U (no choice loh - cuz the office is just next to it ma..not because Im rich only I eat there one). Then I get my car reparked. After that, go back to the office and I have to go through a torturing time again before the clock strikes 5 !!

To bring some life to myself and my colleague, Ainnul, both of us normally jalan-jalan a while before returning to the office. We just try to think of new shops to enter lah...but normally we ended up in Jusco. Hehehe!!

Once in a blue moon, I will ajak her to go to the Rainforest area to feed the carps.

Where is this place ? It is located in One U (nearby Secret Recipe, Nippon Yataimura and Kluang Station at Lower Ground ) and NO, it is not really a jungle or anything...It is more or less a man-made tiny miny jungle with green plants, some creative landscaping artwork and also a fish pond...U can get a clearer location by looking at its map at http://www.1utama.com.my/.

They even have a platform for you to step on...

Another view of the place

Escalator leading to the car park

Actually, the rainforest area is nearby the parking lots ...so we will definitely pass by the so-called One U-made rainforest EVERY SINGLE WORKING DAY since we park our vehicles in that area!! SO Every morning (when I go to work), afternoon ( repark my car ) and evening (finish work) I will get to see these carps swimming about. I wondered if the management ever feed them ? So out of the blue, I fed them once in a while with FISH FOOD. NOT ROTI/BREAD or BISCUITS !!

Come fishy fishy...come !!

Dun you even try to say that fish food are expensive. I bought one average sized packet with the price of RM2.00 only. See how they come fighting for food ?
I call this the DBKL / Bandaran fish cuz it sucks up all the dirt in the pool for a living.
BUT , this fish, also came fighting for food...so unethical !!
U can say that I am silly for doing something like that ...BUT I pitied them when I saw some of them sucking the wall for food..

They don't know how to beg for food !!

They don't know how to make hungry facial expressions !!

They don't know how to speak to you that they are starving !!

What can they do ? Wait for people to feed them ...

or else, they starve to death ...

Anyway, I feel comfortable to be in the rainforest. The enviroment feels natural as our lives always revolves around skyscrapers and concrete buildings everyday ..

* a reminder : I never said that One U mananegement did not feed these fish with food...

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