08 July 2009

Eat your limbs

Are u terribly hungry now ? Feel like you want to eat up everything ?
How bout this ?

I got an email from a fren and I got a shock when I laid my first sight on these pictures..They definitely turned my appetite down...

Some of you must be thinking if these are for real, or are these pictures being photoshopped?
Well as far as I know, these are only bread. THEY ARE MADE FROM FLOUR and these are available in THAILAND.

This is the mastermind of all these gross scenes ..

This is a very good piece of artwork..but it should not be edible!!

Artist at work

This guy is good in all these make up stuff...Maybe he should be hired in the entertainment industry n make up real artists ( specifically in horror and gross movies ) rather than him, applying make up on a pieces of flour...

This place looks just like a slaughter house

Are u STILL feeling hungry now ? Do u mind take a bite ?
This young fellow doesn't mind at all...

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  1. awwww... i cant believe that there's ppl eatin those!! ohno!