30 July 2009

Tastiest Food on EARTH !!

I am glad to be born in Kampar and get a taste of this edible ' THING' !! I get to eat it since I was small...and of course, I grew up with it. I never forget the existence of this yummy thing , which I categorise as 'SNACK' ...

Muahaha...You must be thinking ...what is so BA BAI / Great about this delicacy ?
I show you lah ...

Ladies & gentlemen,

This is my favourite SNACK ...it is called as "JAO YUEN" (in Cantonese-lah)...
I dunno what it is called as in English so I may just call it "Fried Ball" ?

It is made of flour and some extremely minced fish meat before it is dumped into a wok of hot oil that turns it into golden brown in color....Well, u can find it in almost any noodle stall in town..However, the ones I love most come from a place called "36 Stalls" - Behind Kam Ying restaurant...

Talking bout it makes me start drooling...I MISS IT ...I MISS u, Kampar Jao Yuen...

YUMMY !! I know, I am a glutton !! Whenever I post sth bout food, I also commented YUMMY !!


  1. It is almost impossible to find Jao Yuen in KL...

  2. Eddy's favourite too, 36 stalls. Never miss when in Kampar. Satu kali makan 20 - 30 biji.
    I like it soak in KamYew's assam laksa. Mmmm...delicious.

  3. yes, very yummy. soak in ahyew assam laksa mmm.....delicious!!!

  4. yuMMy yuMMY... 36 stall Hoong Kei jao yuen~~~!!! slurppp....

  5. I miss Jao Yuen aaaaa....too bad im having slight cough due to hitty-ness..aiks..

    I will be back for more SOON !!!