05 July 2009

We tried Bubba Gump

July is the birthday month of my PAPA/ BAPAK or Ah Teh ...

We celebrated his birthday earlier by treating him to Bubba Gump. Anyway, I have never tried it before ma..so I suggested there loh..

Bubba Gump at Sunway Pyramid!!

What is Bubba Gump ? And where is it located at ?
Bubba Gump is a restaurant which serve western dishes. The idea of this restaurant came from the movie "Forrest Gump" starred by Tom Hanks. As far as I know, there are only 2 locations which have Bubba Gump which are Sunway Pyramid (Next to Old Wing Main Entrance) & The Curve (First Floor).
I liked the environment a lot cuz it made me feel relaxed and comfortable like I can spend a lifetime there..
Their idea for the restaurant's interior design was quite unique. Old normal household items are displayed throughout the restaurant. I suppose they adopted the idea from the movie as well... Im not too sure bout the statement I just made cuz I have not watched Forrest Gump before. Anyway,I just love the place!!

Wooden planks as the wall - made the place looks like a hut ...

People, these sauces are for decorative purposes only! You can't use them !!

All sorts of paraphernalias of the olden days put up on the planks ...

Our tiny corner...can see a Mickey n Donald plastic doll & toys on top of us ?

OK..Finished with the surroundings !! Now the food !!

We ordered a Set Meal ( Comes with Drink, Garden Salad, Garlic Bread, Main Entree, coffee or tea , & a dessert) , 2 other dishes & our own drinks. We did not order much since the portion they provide is quite large for Asians...and the food are totally YUMMY but SINFULLY FATTENING for someone who likes to watch his/her diet !! Anyway, a treat to yourself once in a while is still acceptable !!

1. Lotsa Lava

2. Mango Sparkler

This is a thirst quenching drink !!

3. Run Forrest Run

Yummy !! It has pineapples blended with bananas and some other fruits

4. Cajun Shrimp
Sluurrpp !! Pan fried shrimps with some special sauce served with 2 garlic bread!!

5. Captain's Fish & Chips (Large)
Love the coleslaw & fries..

6.Bourbon Street Baramundi (Chicken)

The meat , esp. the shrimp blended well with the sauce..

7. Salad

The salad is at the lower part of the pic. The yellow thingys are cheese..

That's all- loh. After dinner, I felt extremely full cuz the portion of the dishes served are large ma...I mentioned that earlier !! Dunno you got pay attention or not lah ...

* Apologies for bad photo quality. I did not use camera flash and the lights there were a bit dim. That's the concept ma...if too bright, people can see how dirty or how ulgy the way you eat loh..!!

* This place is worth trying ...once in a blue moon can lah !!Pamper yourself after all the work n stress you have gone through... If I take it too frequently, I will burn a big HOLE in my purse loh - cuz Im a poor working person...


  1. poor working person?

    less shopping then ma got money lor!!! :P


  2. they put the fish and chips on newspaper ar? o.o

  3. Yeap. They put a layer of newspaper look alike on a big plate before they put the food on top of it..they are not really surat khabar lama lah ...made to look like them only ..keke

  4. Aiya...belum shop also can declare bankrupt lah ...

  5. Choii!! Dun talk about bankruptcy!! Let's talk about wealth! Gaggaa...

    Ah Ai.