06 November 2009

KK Trip 2009 (Part 2) - Wedding Dinner @ Sutera Harbour

THE WEDDING DINNER @ Sutera Harbour Resort, K.Kinabalu

After the church wedding ceremony, it's wedding dinner time. This is a tradition that the Chinese seldom miss. The place was great and so was the food, at least to my liking ler.

Here comes the newly-weds !! Drrr....drrr...draaaamm !!

Then food was served ...
Loved this soup a lot...I dun think it contained sharks' fin !!

Oh so yummy, esp. the garnishing together with the sauce..slurrppp!!

Mid-way performance by groom's frenz...They sang "Stand By Me !! "

These crunchy yet fresh prawns were tasty ...!!
How I wish somebody can help me peel the shells off that very moment..hehe

Cake cutting & YAM SENG session...

The last dish - Dessert Time ...

Everytime show you pictures of other people and also food but I never show my own photo...so I'll make an exception this time ...hehehe

That's how I looked like that night. Kekeke!!

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