17 November 2009

Pasta De Gohan experiment

A visit to Japanese pasta outlet was cancelled that fine day as it was closed.

CLOSED ? During business hours ? ......Who knows y man !!

Then, we ( Ade, Sis Nana & myself) briskly walked into Pasta De Gohan for testing....Kekeke.
I loved the interior of that restaurant. It has captured my attention ever since it started in Sunway Pyramid.

Who wouldn't go to the front of the shop for a peek !! Look at all the plates...

Be patient...I know u wanna see what I ate...but things have to go step by step one maaa !!

Step 1: Go through their prettily prepared menu...
They also have promotion & set meals

Step 2: After ordering, we pusing-pusing our head n see the surroundings...
Someone among the 3 of us said the spoon was cute-wor..

Step 3: aaa...the food finally came...
Salad -loh. what else...

Japanese style pasta...forgot the name thim..Yummy n innovative !!

This is actually a PIZZA BREAD. It is made out of normal sandwich !!
Lots of cheese toppings and also some sausages...SUPER YUMMY !!

That's all loh. We din eat much cuz we did not feel hungry that time...
I found some pictures of Pasta de Gohan's delicacies...so let you see see

Cheers !!

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