26 November 2009

Jusco Day 2009

It was Jusco's Members Day on the 24th & 25th November 2009. I missed out on it looo....too bad..cuz it was the end of the month so I have less to spend on anyway.

Anyway, I had a past experience when I was still working pretty near to One Utama. There was this Jusco's Member Day too at the beginning of the year. I went and joined the sea of people to grab a few wanted items as the goods on sale (practically most of the things) were quite cheap compared to its normal price.

That's y there were throngs of people going there maaaa...

That day, I went to the ladies' apparel dept loooo....I grabbed 2 pants with a 70% Discount leh. Quite good quality somemore....but as I queue, I started to feel like I made the wrong decision. BUT THE PANTS WERE CHEAP !!!

The queue for all counters were like that long

As my sis got bored, she took a few snaps for me to put in this very POST now. hahaha...
We were standing in a queue to the cashier near to the lingerie dept. and we saw many people there. The prices were real cheap for some branded items...

RM 26.97 only neee...I forgot the brand name

The customers rushing to her their fave items..muhaha

Both of us saw one funny sight where one lady bought so much of lingerie that I think they could last her a decade !! Or maybe she was just buying those on behalf of her daughters, nieces or even neighbours ?

Tadaaa !! Im sure she was holding at least 10 pieces of them nee...
Apa color pun ada !!

After paying, we fast fast leave loh...!!

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