23 November 2009

KK Trip 2009 (Part 3) - Gaya Street @ Sunday Market

The rest of the gang headed to Gaya Street the next morning after the wedding dinner...

It was a sunny day. The weather was intensely hot as the sun was sending its rays right into my skin. However,I have no choice but to walk on as this is what a market is all about !!

This street is supposed to be famous and tourists flocked here every Sunday. You can get a variety of things here...from souvenirs, food, clothes to pets for sale. Its like a morning market except that they don't sell livestock and also seafood.

The street was quite long and it was packed to capacity. The heat and sea of people made me sweat profusely.

As a tourist to KK, I did get myself a few souvenirs...They're quite cute in fact !!

After that, a few of us walked our way back to the hotel. From there, we passed by a few landmarks such as the Central Market, Handicraft market and also the big SWORDFISH on a roundabout...

The big SWORDFISH !!
The front of Central Market..
The Handicraft market....there were so many stalls selling the same things...

Another building selling only snacks and COCONUTs..!!
We stopped to have some coconut juice to quench our thirst ...!! Very hot leh (I mean the weather)

another part will come...kekeke.patient yar !!

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