09 November 2009

Human Head Flower Pot

That very Sunday, I could remember we had DIM SUM for lunch with my aunts & uncles at Oriental Pavilion, Jaya 33. The meal was definitely sumptious...That's not the main point I wanna say.

After that, the rest of the gang would like to take a short stroll and came across a hardware store in the building itself. This is definitely a heaven for the "BIG BOYS"...n without much ado, everyone stepped into that place.

My sis alerted me to go over to where she was standing. "Look at that !!" , she said pointing towards one direction. From that moment, I could not imagine that someone actually created such a "MASTERPIECE"....Definitely. the designer must have run out of ideas....

He/she designed a HUMAN HEAD FLOWER POT !! .....Not special ?? U see for yourself !!

It has Angelina's lips & Jackie Chan's nose !!
Wear ear-rings somemore !! Terror...!!

U like it ? Go to ACE HARDWARE & get one for yourself ...haha

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