22 November 2009

Im sure everyone knows who Garfield is... He is the cat that craves for lasagna all the time and he is one fat, lazy feline...!! If you still don't know who Garfield is, this is a pic of him !!

Remember him now ?? The ORANGE CAT ??

Yeah, I guess you already recognised him. He has been in existence since I was a kid and I even have a Garfield toy...

I have something almost the same like this !!

I was walking around SUNWAY again when I came to LIVING CABIN. U know-lah, girls have all these small small n cute cute things to buy one maaa...& Im ONE of them !!

As I was nearing the shop, something displayed in front of the shop caught my attention!

No, it was not because I spotted something exceptionally cute or pretty....It was more like a shock to me when I laid eyes on that creature. Its features resembles Garfield but im truly sure it was not him...

Take a look at this pic !!
I guess it was GRANDPA GARFIELD after all...
- with some dark eye rings ler
- without any whiskers-lah
- no stripes lah
-senget ears lah

This definitely looked like a Garfield :-
- that has been sucked DRY
- a drug addicted Garfield
- A MUMMIFIED garfield
- or could it be his ancestors ?

It sure was a nightmare to me ....how about you ?

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