16 June 2010

Well Cook Gourmet - Best Malaysia Local Food

That's what was displayed in this restaurant's own blog !! 

Anyway, I came upon Well Cook Gourmet by accident when my colleague and I were venturing out for something new to tease our taste buds in one fine lunch session...!!

We passed by this restaurant and the aroma of something being fried was juz too tempting 
The smell was like something sour  ( mouth watering..!!)
looked empty cuz we were the first ones there !!

We just popped in not long after that... 
BUT for this trip, I brought my sis there to try out what they are famous for

Fried Laksa as mentioned ~ 

I , on the other hand, tried Fried Vermicelli

* I tell u aaa, this shop aaaa is packed one during lunch hour on weekdays ....i dunno bout weekends lah cuz this was the first time I went on a Saturday...somemore, my sis & I were the first ones to step foot into the restaurant...!!

* besides fried laksa, they serve many many other kinds of dishes like Char Koay Teow, Yee Mee, Popiah, goreng goreng noodles/nasi...etc etc. Go check out their blog lah. 

* prices : Range from 5.00-7.00 per plate.
* Location: Subang area....muhaha- i dunno how to explain lah...
Well Cook Gourtmet,  74, SS14/2, Subang Jaya

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  1. fried laksa sounds interesting, looks a bit like loh si fun.