15 June 2010

Fried rice as breakfast !!

Taking biscuits/cookies in the office every morning made me bored a bit ...
Therefore, I decided to tapau Fried Rice as breakfast (with the help of my colleague-lah)
Fried Rice-leh...such a heavy meal at 8 am in the morning !

Seems normal to you ??
For me , it is not so normal but still acceptable. 

Y ?
For someone who is in the midst of watching my own weight, I do feel that this is one heavy meal to eat in the morning !! 

But who cares when I have not been touching even one tiny rice for the past week...so I broke my fast from RICE ...hahaha


  1. i once ate roast chicken rice for breakfast, long long time ago in Hadyai, no other choice. one week no rice for u, oh dear!!!!! what have u been eating, hope not just biscuits. take care.

  2. what about people who have nasi kandar or nasi lemak for breakfast..... more teruk with all the laut that comes with it, Fried Rice still bettter.